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02-22-2011, 13:08
My 12 year old (ok, 12 in 2 weeks, but close enough) daughter is in the final stretch of her OW class.

She completed the academic portion of the class, no problem.

During the first of 2 evening pool sessions, she had no problems. All work done in this session was in 6ft of water max depth.

In the 2nd session, they go to the deeper diving well (18ft max depth) - and she had trouble equalizing her ears. After trying for about 30 minutes, the instructor called it for the day. She was quite upset with herself.

I did a little looking online, and came across a great video for anyone having equalization problems Doc's Diving Medicine Home Page (http://faculty.washington.edu/ekay/)

There is quite a bit of info linked there, but watch the video - it's great. My daughter and I worked together every evening for 2 weeks practicing different equalization techniques to see which worked best for her. We found that valsalva alone would rarely work for her, and usually only one side. However, valsalva, while swallowing heavily (imagine dry swallowing a large pill) seem to hit both ears every time.

Last Thursday we went back, and she went down like a stone. It was a great moment as a parent to see your child, who left the pool in tears 2 weeks earlier arrive at the surface smiling and waving, crying out a victory "WOOOOHOOOO".

The most challenging part of the evening was the tired diver tow, where she accidentally implied to her instructor that he could lose weight.

I was certain to let her know how proud I was of her, not for the diving, but for overcoming an obstacle.

At any rate - in 3 weeks we are off to Cancun - where she will finish her OW dives in warm clear waters between Cancun and Isla Mujeres.

Way to stick it out kiddo.

02-22-2011, 13:20
I'll second her WOO HOO! Congrats to her for overcoming that obstacle and moving on. Oh...and aren't kids so brutally honest. :smiley36:

02-22-2011, 14:03
Congrats. I have two 14 yo's who are almost done with their OW book. They will go through the class in April. Great job.

02-22-2011, 14:09
I'll add my WOOHOOO for her as well. Congrats to daughter and dad!

02-22-2011, 14:38
Congrats and Good Job I have been diving with my 13yo since she was certified 2 summers ago.

02-22-2011, 19:37
Awesome, I can't wait for my oldest daughter to start this year! Congrats

02-23-2011, 07:41
take some capree suns down on your first dive together, and tost the acomplishemnt.
shareing a drink with your kids at 20 feet is a memorable occasion. (i had pink lemonade with my 2 boys)

02-23-2011, 07:45
I'm adding my congrats too! Way to go--for both of you. You've given her more than simply overcoming this obstacle.
A life lesson! :smiley20::smiley20:

03-18-2011, 17:59
Diving is a lot of fun with your kids. I've been diving with my son (now 14) for 3 years and my daughter got OW certified last October just before her 12th birthday. You do realize, of course, now your dive trip budget will have to be increased a bit. :smiley36:

03-18-2011, 23:18
Diving with your kids is such a bonding experience. The fun is just beginning. Congratulations to the both of you!

03-19-2011, 08:39
Good job helping her work through her problem. Had a similar problem with my grandson, in his case I don't think he had a clue what clearing his ears would feel like. He just knew from the books that not clearing was a very bad thing.

I was in the water watching him from below while the instructor worked on him just putting his face in the water while breathing through is reg. He immediately gave the somethings wrong signal and pointed at his ears which were about 6 inches below the surface.

It would have been funny if he had not been so concerned. It took a lot of patience on the instructors part, but he finally got it. I think kids take a little more time, but it is very satisfying once they get it. Diving is a great family activity.