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09-15-2007, 19:13
Didnt want to hijack FastPirate's thread so I had to start my own. Sorry, if requires some of the same info.
Anyway, I recently got my son certified and gave him my SmartCom. Now I am in the market for a new computer for me.
I want AirIntegrated and really like the Smart Com but I am not too keen on the price. Also, I really would like to buy from ScubaToys because every time I have used them the service has been extraordinary and I know they stand behind what they sell.
So, I looked over their site and found the Oceanic Datamax Pro Plus and Aeris AI. I am somewhat reluctant to jump on these because I would like to see them before I make a committment.
But, I am leaning toward the Aeris if I go that way because of its size and I can see that it has a means of attaching a clip or retractor.
I know what the SmartTrak software does and I like it but I have heard various reports about the Oceanic/Aeris software.
So, what do I do? Why would I choose the Aeris over the SmartCom?
Anyone familiar with both and can offer some comparisons?

09-15-2007, 19:49
The Aries AI does have a loop for a clip. I folds into the back of the computor when not in use. Very nice........

ScubaToys Larry
09-15-2007, 20:00
You will find the Aeris to be more "User friendly". The numbers are larger, the functions are easier to program - and you can access all the functionalilty without having to hook it up to a pc. For example, turning off the audible alarms on the smart com can only be done with a computer - with the aeris, you just scroll through the menu and choose alarms on or off.

The Aeris will be a bit more liberal - it will give you a bit more bottom time if you let it, but you can also dial it back by choosing to alarm when you get within 5 minutes of your no-deco time, or 10 minutes, etc.

I like the display better in that it gives you one big number in the middle - the amount of time you have left... and that is determined by which ever is least - your available NDL time, or your remaining air time based on your depth and consumption rate.

I will admit that the software for the smart com is cool - and you don't need a cable since it's IR, but I like a computer for how easy it is to get data when I'm diving... not sitting at my laptop after the trip is over. And they are constantly improving the software which they make a free download...

So there is my take - but I'm sure you figured I'd be a bit biased... but I didn't think my perspective would hurt.. I'm sure you'll get others!

09-16-2007, 08:23
You can't go wrong with either the DataMax Pro+2 or the Aeris AI IMO. My husband has the Pro+2 and I have the Aeris AI and we've found both to be extremely reliable, easy to use, and easy to read and understand both above and below the water.