View Full Version : Thanks to Scuba Toys !!

04-10-2011, 21:32
Thanks to Scuba Toys !! and I wanted to say it in public :smiley20:

I needed to do a weight check before my next dive. There were so many open water students at our last lake weekend that by the time the Masters class got to do our weight checks we ran out of time. I had to do a guesstimate.

I am using a new 5mm Waterproof for the lake weekends and had little experience diving it. + adding a hood and gloves.

Scuba Toys let me borrow their pool! I did a very thorough weight check and was able to test buoyancy with the thicker suit, hood & gloves and really dial in proper weight and trim.

As it turned out, I guessed the right amount of weight at our lake weekend.
To prevent future issues, I went ahead and purchased soft weights, and some yellow thingies.

MUCHO thanks!
I know I will be much more relaxed on our deep dive knowing I have the right amount of weight, without guessing or being rushed :smiley20::smiley20::smiley20::smiley20::smiley32:


04-12-2011, 18:51
HOORAY!!! always good to be comfortable in the water!!!