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04-17-2011, 20:15
Still looking for an instructor. Sports Chalet is out.
We went there to get a couple masks, got the same as mine, the bodyglove with various degree strenths for nearsightness, they both got a pair that fits real well and they can see well.
However, I was looking at ladies BCDs- they had two on sale, but the salesperson passed right by them and shiowed me the 650 dollar Pearl, wich is a fine BC, but he didn't mention the Sherwood and Mares ladies BC that were on sale for a pretty nice price.
The not really care attitude re my questions about the classes, and then they stated they do not rent or have DIN tanks for the class, he did mention we could of course purchase DIN adapters for 40 bucks each , so there is 80 bucks more just to use for the class. They were not pleased when I said we didn't need regs, that they already have nice rigs that I put together (either new, or recently serviced.)
They couldn't give me an exact price for the classes, said about 350 bucks each.

I was talking to a NAUI shop owner last week, I think we will go with him. He sells equipment, but actually listened to me, although his prices are pretty much msrp, I will not be buying much from him, (that's what Joe and Larry are for) but he seemed looking forward to getting out and introducing new people to diving. Oh, also he quoted an all inclusive price for the classes, lower than sports chalet.

Already emailed my oldest son, who is a PADI instructor inthe Carribean, he said he wouldn't be mad if we went NAUI (heh). But he said he would like to give some speciality classes, or AOW classes down there if/when we are ready.

04-17-2011, 20:56
Lived in Peoria/Glendale area for 15 years before moving to Vegas then back to FL. If your not already talking about Inland Water Divers you might want to check them out. Did a charter to Lake Pleasent with them some time ago when visiting friends. They were real down to earth and appeared to have their act together. Heck, don't even know if they are still around. Want to say one of the guys names was Pete. *shrug*

04-17-2011, 22:02
Divehard, yep Pete w/Inland is the NAUI shop person I talked to. I am pretty sure we will go with him.
Yep he is still there, in Goodyear, just a couple miles from home.


04-17-2011, 22:33
How dare you sin against the PADIafia!! screw em" we all know it is the instructor anyway! get em done! My wife did her discover dive sat pm and had a few issues with mask clearing...that alone will push her to do it until she has perfected it and my oldest Daughter is really into it and is working through her book now! awesome that you are getting the whole clan into it...I still have my youngest daughter who is not interested at all.

04-17-2011, 22:38
Dave couldn't agree more. Pete with Inland is one of the good ones. He is still passionate about diving, you can tell-even though it is his work and livelyhood now.
The Sports Chalet people, not so much. They acted like we were bothering them with our silly questions.. ya know like prices and scheduling.

04-18-2011, 05:45
Good Luck and hope everybody has a great time. Obviously, it is very important that you find a good instructor. When my wife went through her OW training, we looked around and talked to several shops as well. We found a great instructor that understood that she was the customer - seems like this is kinda hard to find now days in just about anything you do.

My wife was determined and he was tough....everything by the book. She did a great job completing her open water training in one weekend. She broke down once when she got frustrated with a drill, but the instructor recognized this and backed off quickly and calmly and came back to it later.


04-18-2011, 06:37
wow Snagel nice instructor she had to allow her to try again. That's so cool. I should have come out there to get certified. We had a drill sergeant 1 shot you did or failed. All I kept thinking of was the movie A League of Their Own "There's no crying in baseball" lol
Good luck Stud I wish I could get my kid's involved, but my son fishes. When I tried to get him to even try snorkeling he replied "do you know what kind of people float face down in the water?" yeah I knew He a wise a**!

04-18-2011, 07:13
The troubles with the LDS it seems these forums are full of them. I don't understand how they stay in business. Well that is not completely true some people go for that elitist crap. My g/f took her O/W and met someone in the class that we have traveled with, a really sweet lady. They both disliked the instructor and yet the friend still bought a full set of gear knowing my g/f was buying at ST's for less.

Stud you mentioned that you would do your specialty classes with your son and he is PADI. Is that possible with a NAUI openwater. The reason I ask is my g/f was NAUI cert. and I would like her to take her advanced. Are the two cert. interchangeable? Can you get a NAUI O/W and PADI AOW?

04-18-2011, 07:23
Chernix, yes, you can get a NAUI OW and PADI AOW. As for being "interchangeable", that really plays no part here. Either OW cert is recognized throughout the diving world. For instance, I have NAUI OW/AOW/RESCUE/O2/EFR. I have PADI Nitrox/PPB. Should I desire, I can take any PADI specialty course as well.

Be advised, though, once you go above AOW, the two agencies differ. For instance, NAUI Master Diver is very different from PADI Master Diver.

04-18-2011, 07:52
Yes that's how I understand it, like V said.
Once you start down the pro road, I think by then you have your mind made up agency-wise.
I was certified with NASDS looong time ago, and was still told I could do a refresh course -even tho NASDS sis no more.
Being as how it was so long ago, I opted to just start over fm scratch.

Several threads about LDS here, One must find their niche to stay in business.Larry and Joe understand this.
It isn't just dive shops that have to rethink and retool with the times, any other business really. Can't just operate the same way ya did twenty years ago then whine about it when your sales drop off.
In my business, I am constantly learning and upgrading and retooling.