View Full Version : preping for florida

04-25-2011, 13:56
well next weekend or monday we are heading south :smiley20::smiley20::smiley20:. should be in florida by Tuesday/Wednesday and be diving by friday or saturday:smiley20:.

My bp/w I bought from a member, new hoses, and such are waiting on me, so will be doing a few shallow shore dives to get my gear squared away, then heading to the spegiel grove, maybe the Vandenberg on my birthday at the end of may.

What sucks is I have to come back in a month for college classes. :smiley21::smiley21: but will be back in indiana during the summer dive season here.

04-25-2011, 21:07
yell when you are back, I would love to dive with you and give the rest here my opinion, many have challenged you here, I say, lets go dive.
( ps, I will probably carry my buddy, an al40)

04-25-2011, 21:35
lol any time buddy, I will likly need a buddy this summer, as my dad will still be in Florida most of the time I am up here. I honestly thought about picking up a pony and keeping things simple and shallow, but I know I am no where ready to go it alone.