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04-26-2011, 17:00
I know this is a ways off yet but does anyone out there know if they are going/planning on going to this event. I will be there as this will be my first time diving a drysuit. Anyone been to this or a similar event before and how was it?

04-27-2011, 10:21
Is this Gilboa New York? If so when?

04-27-2011, 13:45
Is this Gilboa New York? If so when?

No, Ohio. About a hour SW of Bowling Green OH

website: http://www.divegilboa.com/

04-27-2011, 20:29
OP: I dive a DUI. So this posting is not a slam against DUI or their event. However, we met friends at Mermet last year for the event and I guess I have some reservations.

First, if you are a larger person, be prepared to be squeezed into a suit. Our friends were clearly put into suits that were too short and too tight. Her initial reaction was that she had no interest in diving dry. She was terribly squeezed during the dive and adding air didn't help. They are not lycra. They don't stretch. LOL.

The good news, after diving a suit that was properly fit to her through a store, she bought and is loving her dry diving.

Expect long lines. The luncheon is very tasty. The hat is cool. But, please do not go to the event for the purpose of making a strong decision with DUI or even a drysuit. They will offer you "day of dive" specials. And they are decent specials.

My biggest advice would be to understand how the suit should fit you to begin with and speak up if they are putting you in a suit that doesn't seem to fit properly. You may have to wait longer for a suit to become available, but at least you will walk away with a correct impression.

The only other "awww." If you are a drysuit renter without a drysuit card, you can only dive the suit with a DUI person. And, you will not tool around the quarry. Basically, they will let you go down, try a few skills, get a feel for it, but pretty close to the quarry entry. And it is a shallowish and short dive. (Takes longer to get into the suit I was told).

If you have a DS Card, you can dive on your own.