View Full Version : crotch strap for Ranger LTD

09-16-2007, 13:41
how does it work?

i know how to thread it through the piece of plastic at the back, and how to attach the buckles, but do your legs go through the loops or do you sit into it?

thanks for any help

09-16-2007, 13:44
Easiest way is to leave the straps dangling..
once you get your bc fitted on (chest strap, cumberbund, etc) reach under and grab the straps and buckle them and then tighten.

If doing a boat dive you can setup the gear so you sit on the saddlestraps so you can connect them while youre still sitting down - just having to tighten them when you stand up..

09-16-2007, 17:18
but how so you route the straps so to speak

do your legs go into the loops they form
or are they supposed to just tighten down after you sit into them like a swing?

09-16-2007, 17:36
The single strap connects in the back, the two straps go between the legs then one to left and one to right and up to connectors..

09-16-2007, 17:45
oh wow
thanx so much
i feel really stupid now.
when i saw the picture that went along with "saddle strap" i figured you were supposed to tighten it so that it sat below your butt.

now that i know to put my legs through it the strap might actually work right.

thanx again