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05-31-2011, 11:42
Well got a call from our insurance company that we are due, DUHH. They then told me due to the number of claims, my dad's from the woman wacking our door off, the one where hit his truck, and the one from where I rended the guy. They would be dropping us in aug when we are due to renew. :smiley21:

So I checked on what my new rate would be(2 atfault wrecks) 1 not my fault, and guess what going from 125 a month to 328 a month. :smiley5::smiley19::smiley19::smiley19::smiley5:

I guess I can understand why, 2 at faults one not fault, with 2 within 10 minutes of one another. (I reended the guy 10 minutes before the bmw(not my fault) pulled out infront of me, dam there went my extra money for the month, glad I got till aug to change

Diver Kat
05-31-2011, 11:46
Sounds like you should give up driving for awhile Big..... you'd save a fortune!

05-31-2011, 13:21
Two at faults!!!! Maybe you should think more about your driving instead of diving

05-31-2011, 14:12
328 a month? OUCH. I pay less then that for 6 months of coverage.

05-31-2011, 15:30
Two at faults!!!! Maybe you should think more about your driving instead of diving

+1 to that.

Sorry, zero sympathy for you. Suck it up and quit whining.
Total for the household - 1 claim, 20 years ago. We pay less than $328 for a year.

Be very glad that A, you haven't killed anyone yet and B, your insurer didn't nullify your claim as you weren't wearing a seat-belt during the second incident. Now learn to drive or get off the road.

05-31-2011, 16:07
how about calling this a financial kick in the butt!!! pay the money and think about that when you drive...
BE SAFE above AND below the water!!!

05-31-2011, 16:12
ya all my fault, two opps in 3 weeks, 3 if you count the bmw, but that was not my fault