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Da Wolf
06-17-2011, 07:52
I know it is not Father's Day yet. But thought I would go ahead and get the thread started.

Happy Father's Day to all the Dad's out there.

My wife, step-daughter, and son surprised me yesterday with an early Father's Day present. They gave me a much need 7mm Shortie, 7mm Farmer John, 3mm hood, and gloves. I am now ready for any cold water diving. Talk about being surprised, that was the last thing I was expecting.

So what did you get for your Father's Day?

06-17-2011, 14:21
I got a big thank you from my wife for never having kids...

06-17-2011, 18:03
I just wish I had mine. He's been gone for as many years as I had him.

Spending Father's Day with my Mother, who has had to be both to us. We are going to throw down at the SPA!

06-17-2011, 18:28
Yep....my weekend to do nothing and not get in trouble for it. The one weekend I can suggest just about anything and get away with it. My weekend to be able to pick the movie....I think I'll drag everybody to see Pirates. (I'd be diving, but it's also the weekend the wife has a 5K).


06-18-2011, 03:10
Unfortunately I have to work Fathers Day. So all you that get to enjoy it; hug your kids, hug your wife and revel in the gaudy ties and 3-gallon jug of aftershave! (why is it we never get the cool gifts that mom gets?)

06-18-2011, 07:07
Came home yesterday and noticed the boy was all decked out in new Kansas Jayhawks gear - shirt, hat, shorts. He went shopping in Kansas City and picked me up a couple KU shirts for Fathers Day. It must also be "Kid Day". (It's tough being a KU fan when you live in the middle of Missouri and 80 miles from MU)


ScubaToys Larry
06-18-2011, 08:12
Sitting on a plane heading for Milwaukee. Fathers day is also my dads birthday. June 19, 1919. Turns 92 tomorrow.

06-18-2011, 10:24
My son is taking my dad and I out to dinner.

06-18-2011, 20:54
Sitting on a plane heading for Milwaukee. Fathers day is also my dads birthday. June 19, 1919. Turns 92 tomorrow.

that is oh, so cool!!! I trust he is fairly healthy? also great birthday for those of us who like to play with numbers. like the one born at 12:34 on 5-6-78

06-19-2011, 08:58
Sitting on a plane heading for Milwaukee. Fathers day is also my dads birthday. June 19, 1919. Turns 92 tomorrow.

Larry, I didn't know you were a Cheesehead. Good for you. Have fun in Gods country.

06-19-2011, 09:16
Not sure how to imbed this, but here's a link to what I'm singin' today...

YouTube - ‪Bruno Mars - The Lazy Song [Official Video]‬‏ (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fLexgOxsZu0)


Diver Kat
06-19-2011, 09:41
Well the DH got to order himself some new gear from ST .... what more could he ask for?:smiley20:

And the CU & her boyfriend will be over later for grilling some steaks, maybe some family game time and probably a bit of watching the CWS. Should be a low-key, but fun Father's Day!

06-20-2011, 14:12
My Father's Day morning was spent diving in the lake with my son, watching my 17-year old daughter go through her skills on her first two open water dives for her OW cert -- a good day!

06-20-2011, 14:21
We had my parents over on Saturday to have some burgers and beers with my dad - and so he could show us the father's day gift we bought him: a fancy new pocket knife!
Sunday we took my wife's dad out diving - and had a great time even though we mostly stayed above the thermocline since low 50/high 40 degree water doesn't feel so nice without a hood and gloves!