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06-23-2011, 06:58
I was diving in Paamul once. An aging hippy drove his Volkswagen van all the way from Canada and broke down there. He was living in it trying to make a living as a dive guide on my friends boat. Try to make extra money, he kept harping on me to dive the caves there during lunch, "You are in this part of the world and it is spectacular, there's no reason not to do it" He really needed the money. I told him the cenotes were cold and he assured me I would be fine with my shorty. Finally I agreed.

We made the morning dive then took off through the jungle to what looked like a three foot deep pool in the ground, very clear. I watched as he put on a thick farmer john then a shorty over it. We jumped in and it was freezing as I knew it would be but was over twenty feet deep. I followed him to a rope and we swam along. He was right, it was spectacular. There were stalactites and stalagmites everywhere. A laser blue shaft of light was up ahead. We popped up in a sinkhole in the jungle. He took his regulator out and whipped his head around, "There has been an anaconda in this one all week. " "Thanks for the advance warning." I said.

He said not to kick on the next surface spot but just to use my BC not to kick up silt. My dive computer hit the surface and logged two dives. We went to the next opening and it was another sinkhole. I surfaced and removed my mask, my dive computer logged dive #3. We went down again and the third one was great, a cave with one small hole in the top. Our flashlight disturbed hundreds of free tail bats which flapped everywhere. My computer sensed the surface and logged dive #4. We swam back to the original spot and got back into a jeep and raced back to Paamul. My computer logged dive #5.

The boat was just leaving so we ran to catch it. Lori looked at me with a worried look and the OK? signal, I was fine. A little later John came up with another OK? signal and again I shook my head. He looked at my computer which was flashing "DECO" I did a long safety stop until it cleared. I guess i was just a little narced out. You have to remove your fins and your BC and hand them up to the boat. As soon as I boarded I looked at my computer. It had gotten stripped off when I took off my BC. I was saturated so john quickly grabbed his gear and went back in. Of course he couldn't find it.

They assured me they would find it as they dove this reef all of the time. The night passed and the next day we did a different dive, another night passed. The following day we went back and they said, "Everyone look for Felipe's computer." I bled my tank down to zero looking in every barrel sponge then looked at the vastness of the reef as I surfaced realizing it was hopeless. I heard someone banging on their tank and Les had found it!

We got on the boat and John smiled, "I'd love to download that one. It thinks that you made 7 dives then spent 48 hours on the bottom."

06-23-2011, 10:22
We got on the boat and John smiled, "I'd love to download that one. It thinks that you made 7 dives then spent 48 hours on the bottom."

I AM such an Air Hog! :smiley5:
Great story! Keep them coming.


06-23-2011, 12:20
Loved the story, made me laugh too.

06-23-2011, 14:11
Not even my 11 y/o could get that much time out of an AL80. Very funny.