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07-04-2011, 07:21
After getting a response of “huh?” to my BSAC qualifications (British Sub Aqua Club) from a few places in the US I decided to dig out my old PADI Open Water card.

However when I did it I was quite young, and so it’s a junior open water card.

Other than it having “Junior” written on it, does it cause any other issues? Does anyone know how much it would cost to get it replaced with a adult one?

ScubaToys Larry
07-04-2011, 08:32
Been a long time since I was a Padi Instructor, but "back in the day" it was nothing more than get a new card. The course was no different for Jr, they just said you had to dive with an adult, and as soon as you were 15 (I think) you could just send the money and get one without the Jr on it.

I might tell you the other option, is take something like a Nitrox class... Just a few hours in a class, and get a new Nitrox Card from Naui, or Padi... Instead of paying $40 for a replacement card, take a nitrox class for a bit more, have the ability to dive nitrox then, and if you are carrying a new Padi or Naui Nitrox card, I don't think anyone would give you any problems when showing a card to dive.

07-04-2011, 08:39
My buddy (who is kinda cheap) dives with a PADI Jr OW card. Last time he checked it was $25 for a new card at our LDS. No new class needed.

07-04-2011, 09:12
Thank you all for the comments\advice.

Good idea about the Nitrox course, as it happens the way BSAC works is you pay scubscriptions to BSAC (£52, so aprox $75) and your club (My club £77, so aprox $115) and that covers the cost of much of your training as well as liability insurance etc. So they run the Nitrox courses (for free) periodically anyway. The flip side of this is not as many LDS tend to have any affiliations with PADI (or any other organisation)

I'm next over in the US (Flordia Keys) in September so I'll have a word with the place i'm diving with (my partner is doing her OW cert there) and see if they can send it off for me. I basically only carry it so if they argue about my BSAC card, or the CMAS equiverlency card I can still use it to dive!

07-04-2011, 09:55
Here is a link to the form for the UK to upgrade your card directly from PADI. It looks like the charge is £24.60


07-04-2011, 10:07
Double check the fee, I'm on an iPad so flash doesn't work. (I really don't like Steve Jobs...)