View Full Version : Dacor Extreem Plus vs. Mares Ruby

09-17-2007, 15:07
Hello all I have a question about which regulator would be better out of the two I have the option of getting from friends.
I have been diving for a while but have not had my own equipment. I have used friends and rented but am looking to get my own. I dont dive very often and buying a brand new regulator set up is just not worth is for me.
My friend is getting rid of his extra gear and I was wondering what would be the better of the two set ups to get.
He has a 1st, 2nd and octo set up of Dacor Extreem Plus serviced last year and used very rarely.
He also has a Mares Ruby 1st and 2nd stage with a guage set up.

I was just wondering which one would be the best out of the two.

Thanks for the info.

ScubaToys Larry
09-17-2007, 15:13
The ruby. The other - don't take if it's free! The extreme was one of the down falls of the Dacor brand. It had a very bad design, and used about a billion parts in a rebuild. Since Dacor went bust basically - no parts are available for it.

The ruby on the other hand is a MR22 abyss reg with a ruby seat. It was their first spherical design seat which is superior to a standard flat seat. It was very expensive in the beginning, but now they make the seat in the same shape out of stainless steel, and that is what you'll find in the V16 and other regs.

That is actually a very nice reg.. the other... not so much!

09-18-2007, 09:48
Thanks for the information Larry appreciate it.

Next question is how good are the scubapro air 2 octo/bc inflators. I have read about the new ones but the one he has is older. Not sure what generation it is but it has orange inflation buttons on it. Looks similar to this item on ebay.

http://cgi.ebay.com/ScubaPro-Scuba-Diving-AIR2-BCD-Inflator-reg-Dive-octo_W0QQitemZ110169412243QQihZ001QQcategoryZ16056 QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem

Would this be a good octo to use?

Thanks in advance for the info!!

ScubaToys Larry
09-18-2007, 09:54
Those units are made for them by Tusa... and they are fine. Obviously, it's an octo and not just an inflator, so if it hasn't been rebuilt in a while, I'd suggest having it done before you use it - but I wouldn't shy away from it.

Some folks don't like octo inflators - but they are fine as far as I'm concerned.