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09-17-2007, 19:06
I just got back from a dive trip to key west. Great vis and a lot of fun. I went with a company called Dive Key West. I was impressed with how safety orientated they were. they log each diver's air pressure pre and post dive and record the time for each diver's entry and exit from the water. they also have an underwater siren so the captain can call divers back to the boat in case of an emergency or quickly moving bad weather.

09-17-2007, 19:10
What did you think of Key West on land? I have been interested in traveling there.

09-17-2007, 19:43
Not for kids! Lots to do...stupid touristy shops down near Mallory square (where the cruise ships come in) Duval street is fun, but only if there's a lot going on...otherwise it's like one big "mall" where you can drink to your hearts content as you go from place to place...Irish Kevins is a blast (especially if Kevin is performing!)

Have an open mind..lot's of alternative lifestyle going on...

Some of the best seafood you'll ever eat! (Conch Republic Seafood company, A&B Lobster House, Crabby Dicks) The best Rib place I ever ate at has supposedly closed up shop (The Meteor)

There's a place down by the docks that does jet ski trips around the island...really cool...

The Mel Fischer Museum is cool...go to Fort Zachary Taylor for their "beach"...which is better than the public beaches..and if you want to blow a whole day (in a good way) take either the boat or seaplane out to the Dry Tortugas!

Hope that helps

09-17-2007, 19:55
We had a great time there. Did a day trip from Key Largo. Would like to go back when we don't have to drive anywhere. You could spend the day watching the people. My avatar picture was taken there.