View Full Version : Lake Havasu, AZ

09-04-2011, 12:04
Well for the first status post certification dive we went to visit my mom in Lake Havasu, man was it hot!! Decided to hire a Dive Master because it was just going to be us and thought it would definitely be safer.

Water surface was 85* bottom at 30ft was 74*, went to Site 5 where the locals have put stuff to look at, a jeep, a makeshift sub, a few boats. Water was murkey and so vis was only about 10-15 feet. but it was a great first official dive. The Dive Master said next time we are out there to call him and he'll take us on his boat to some other dive sites..... I could get use to this

09-04-2011, 12:33
If I'm not mistaking, I think Lake Havasu is the lake that the movie "Piranha" was shot on and/or staged at.


09-04-2011, 17:30
yeah it was filmed there. The Dive Master is also a technical diver and he did the tech for the movie said that they were in the water for 12hrs at a time. he seemed to have enjoyed it

09-05-2011, 19:25
Congrats on the post cert dive! Lake Havasu is a great place to hunt sunglasses and other lost items. Bottles of booze, cans of beer, soda, jewelry, etc... Night dives during spring break brings in the heavy haul of goods lost overboard by the masses. Some location scouting of the floating anchored islands of boats during the day makes the finds much easier. A return trip is on my list as well.