View Full Version : Diving in Virginia Beach

09-17-2007, 22:24
Has anyone been diving in Virginia Beach ?? Is the diving good there ? How about the visibility and water temps ?

09-18-2007, 07:44
I was going to have my first dive off VA Beach on Sunday 9-16-07 and it was cancelled due to high seas. Unfortunately, this will be the last chance to dive there until next year in late summer. Water temps are just too cold for me most of the year and I dive wet. Yes, I'm a CAD and proud of it. I mostly dive in Florida where you can dive without a wet suit in the summer.

09-20-2007, 06:59

I know it is late but check out this site. Shows you a lot of the wrecks. I am just starting out diving but I have heard that the current has a lot to do with the visibility around this area. The water temp hovers in the low sixtys to the uper 50's until around late nov. and Dec then it usually doesn't drop lower than mid 40's. This is from a depth finder on a boat for surface fishing though.