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Zeagle Eagle
11-01-2011, 11:10
Top Five Adventures in Bonaire (Besides SCUBA): Away.com Travel Blog (http://blogs.away.com/travel/2011/09/top-five-adventures-in-bonaire-besides-scuba.html?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+awaytravelblog+%28Away.com+Tr avel+Blog%29)

11-07-2011, 01:20
Good article!

11-07-2011, 05:15
Harleys in Bonaire? I bet that wakes up the island. Wouldn't want to come around a corner and find a herd of donkey's in the road.


01-31-2012, 12:47
Top Five Adventures in Bonaire (Besides SCUBA): Away.com Travel Blog (http://blogs.away.com/travel/2011/09/top-five-adventures-in-bonaire-besides-scuba.html?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+awaytravelblog+%28Away.com+Tr avel+Blog%29)

Good stuff, totally useful!

I can't tell if you are the author of the material in that blog post, since it's attributed to "Guest Blogger."

If you wrote it, would you mind if the next edition of my Kindle book, Diving Bonaire (Amazon.com: Diving Bonaire eBook: George Lewbel: Kindle Store (http://www.amazon.com/dp/B006U3QHYO)), included some of that information? I'd be happy to include you in the acknowledgements if you'll PM me your contact info.

I've snorkeled in one cavern not far from Kralendijk that may have been the one mentioned in that blog post. Its entrance was indeed hard to find, near a garbage dump (!). I was taken there by Dave Serlin, Habitat's Divemaster a long time ago.

The cavern below the entrance was amazing, though I remember that it was "professionally cool," meaning I really wish I had a wetsuit on. It had submerged passageways to other rooms, but I wasn't a trained cave diver so I can't say anything about them.

The tip about Harley tours would also be interesting to put in the book. A lot of divers are also bikers.

Thanks, either way!

01-31-2012, 16:01
Thanks for the info I plan to go at some point this year. It won't be for a while, actually a long while thinking in December.

Zeagle Eagle
02-01-2012, 09:46
Glewbel, I cannot claim that I am the author of that article. I wish I was. In answer to your second question about the Atomic Cobalt. I absolutely love it. It is the best computer I have owned to date. There are several threads on the SB forum for you to read about the Cobalt. Would I buy another one? In a heartbeat.

A little hard to read in direct sunlight;but, manageable. I usually find a shady spot or put a towel over my head.
It does not come with a protective cover.
It's expensive.


I could make a list a mile long, the highlights:

The battery lasts a long time and is rechargeable.
You don't need to read the manual to use it.
The OLED screen is awesome and very brilliant.
Many, many features. Nitrox, ease of use, quick disconnect, different gas mixes, safety and deep stops, gas switch alerts, multi gas diving, deco diving.
The compass is very easy to use.
The next software revision is supposed to have the time on most pages.

02-09-2012, 01:03
Zeagle, where did you fly out of when you went to Bonaire. I am having trouble pricing a trip because I cant find a damn flight haha.

Zeagle Eagle
02-09-2012, 08:08
It would help if we knew where you were located:

Here is some info that I have gleaned from the internet

Delta Airlines offers a weekly Saturday non-stop flight from Atlanta to Bonaire and return. Delta is utilizing a Boeing 737-800 jet with seating capacity for 160 passengers for this flight.

United Airlines offers two to three non-stop weekly flights, all operated by Continental. The first is a round-trip flight between Newark and Bonaire which operates during periods of high demand, utilizing a Boeing 737 with 124 seats.

United Airlines also flies a weekly non-stop flight from its Houston hub. During the eight busiest months of the year, United operates a second rotation from Houston each Saturday evening, arriving on Bonaire on Sunday morning. For more information about when the second rotation operates, visit the United web site.

Insel Air operates a weekly rotation from Miami to Bonaire. The flights take place every Saturday throughout the year. Insel Air utilizes an MD 82 aircraft configured with 152 economy seats. For reservations on Insel Air, travelers from the United States should call toll free 1-877-546-7352, or consult their professional travel counselor. More information on Insel Air can be obtained at InselAir (http://www.fly-inselair.com) or by contacting the Insel Air call center on Curacao at + 5999-737-0444.

Please note that U.S. carriers may seasonalize the flights noted above, which means they may postpone flights during periods of low demand. It is always recommended to contact the airline or your travel professional to check on flight departures.

American Airlines and Insel Air fly non-stop daily to Curaçao from Miami; Insel Air flies on Saturdays and seasonally on Wednesdays non-stop from Charlotte, North Carolina to Curacao with continuing connections to Bonaire and Continental Airlines flies non-stop on Wednesdays and Saturdays to Curacao from Newark. Passengers then may use Dutch Antilles Express to connect to Bonaire. Flying time between Curaçao and Bonaire is approximately 15-30 minutes. Or, Divi Divi, which flies between Bonaire and Curaçao numerous times on a daily basis, can be reached at: +599-9-839-1515 or fax +599-9-868 1949. Currently, Insel Air flies between Curaçao and Bonaire seven times daily and offers a weekend jet service on Friday nights, Saturday mornings and Sunday afternoons to accommodate more passengers and luggage. Their offices can be reached in Curaçao at phone: +599-9-733-1521 or +599-9-733-1522, or at the airport at +599-9-868-4400 or 868-6600. And finally, Easy Air offers five roundtrip flights per day between Curaçao and Bonaire. They can be reached via email at flyeasyair@gmail.com, or by phone locally at 796-3939 or cellular 515-3939, fax is 869-3999.

Another routing option is to fly on any of a number of major U.S. and South American carriers to Aruba and then take Dutch Antilles Express or Tiara Air from there to Bonaire.

Contact Dutch Antilles Express at their call center, which can be reached at +599-717-0808, and which is open Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Payment can be made with debit or credit card, with an e-ticket sent by email or fax. Reservations on DAE can also be made by emailing reservations@flydae.com or faxing +599-717-0880. They fly several times daily to Bonaire from both Curaçao and Aruba. Tiara Air flies non-stop flights six times each week from Aruba to Bonaire and back.

I hope this helps.