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09-18-2007, 09:28
I dont work for these guys, they are my LDS. they dont do online sales and are no competition for these guys here. just a fun dive and a chance to win a lot of great prizes. They are located on the east coast of North Carolina. (Carteret County- Town of Beaufort)


Discovery Diving's

28th Annual Treasure Hunt

October 13, 2007

What is Discovery Diving's Treasure Hunt?
Discovery Diving's Treasure Hunt is one of the largest single day gathering of divers on the East Coast.
Discovery Diving's Treasure Hunt is a fund raising event for DAN.
Discovery Diving's Treasure Hunt is a Big Old PARTY!!!!!!For the last 28 years we have been going to everybody and anybody, diving related and non-diving related, begging for donations and have been fairly successful. We have, in the past, ended up with enough prizes for all participants to receive at least two prizes and in some cases three prizes.
Listed below are the rules and general information for this year's Treasure Hunt:
PARTICIPANTS MUST BE PRESENT TO WIN. DUE TO SEVERAL COMPLAINTS LAST YEAR, YOU MUST DRAW YOUR OWN PRIZES. Drawing lasts as long as it takes. You may leave at anytime during the event but you forfeit remaining chances to draw.
The Treasure Hunt is scheduled for 9:45 am Saturday, Oct. 13th, 2007.
All divers must register and check in at Discovery Diving Co., no later than 8:00 am, Oct. 13th.
Treasure Hunt registration is $20.00 for divers ($25.00 if you wait to register on the 13th) and $8.00 for each guest who will be at the Pig Picking.
Divers receive an information package (with brochures from various manufacturers) at check-in time. Treasure Hunt Rules and a Treasure List are included in this package.
A preliminary briefing is conducted at Discovery Diving Co., at 8:30 am. All participating divers must be at this briefing, which covers location of dive, area boundaries, check-in procedures, and time considerations.
If you take your own boat to Radio Island, please stay NORTH of the green day marker.
After the preliminary briefing, all divers go to Radio Island at a specified time for a dive/safety briefing. At this time, divers without buddies will be buddied-up.
Divers enter the water upon a specified signal and have 45 minutes to find and record their shell numbers.
Divers are limited to a maximum of 2 shells each. Please bring up only 2 shells. Let others find their own: that’s half the fun. Keep your shells to be traded for a prize during the drawing.
Upon completion of the dive, all participants check in with Treasure Hunt Officials at the dive site to record their shell numbers, and then return to Discovery Diving. Only numbers recorded at the site are valid. If you didn't find a shell don't give up, you still have a chance of winning a prize.
The infamous Pig Picking happens after the dive. We eat at approximately NOON. Divers must turn in their meal tickets, received at check-in, in order to eat. Seconds will be available after everyone has gone through once. You will be called to eat in registration order. Numbers 1-50 eat first, then 51-100 and so on. Early registration not only gets you a chance at leftover prizes but also puts you at the front of the food line.
Drawing is conducted in numerical order based on the shell numbers found and recorded at the dive site.
The respective diver hands in his shell and pulls a prize card from the treasure chest and receives the prize listed.
After divers with shells have drawn, participants without shells have one chance to draw based on his/her registration. If prizes remain, drawing starts at the top of the registration list and continues until everyone present has drawn 3 times. Any prizes left after everyone receives 3 prizes will be awarded at future events.
All prizes awarded are final. Discovery Diving Company is not and cannot be responsible for items that do not fit, or items that the winner already owns. No exchanges, trade-in's or refunds will be made by Discovery Diving Company or the donating sponsors. Discovery Diving Company encourages treasure hunters to bargain, sell and trade among themselves during the event.


Email Discovery Diving ([email protected]) for more information.
414 Orange Street, Beaufort, NC 28516
(p) 252- 728-2265
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