View Full Version : Drying a BC bladder (inside)

09-18-2007, 11:35
Is there any kind of neat thing made that you can attach to your BC hose or to a valve (or screw on in place of a valve) that will blow air through the bladder to dry it out?

Like some kind of fan that screws into the BC valve?

If not how are you supposed to dry the inside totally?

09-18-2007, 12:42
Nothign like that, that I know of... What I do is just rinse out the inside of the bladder with fresh water and then get as much out with the dump valve that I can. Then hang it over night or two and then pull the dump valve again and that will get 99% of the water out... If there is still any in there it will be an extremely small amout so what I do just to be on the safe side is fill the bladder with air from my tank and dump and fill and dump. Well I do that I few times and then hang the BC up with the bladder about 80% full of air from the tank. I use air from the tank since it is super dry air and if there is any moisture in there hopefully that will help to disapate it...


09-18-2007, 15:39
Frankly it's just not that big of an issue for me. *shrug*

09-18-2007, 16:06
I do similar.........I fill with fresh water, swish around, dump, repeat....then let sit for a bit, then dump again, fill about 50% full with air and hang it to air dry in my laundry room. sometimes, i'll add some dissenfectant solution (very light amount) if i was diving somewhere with less than appealing water quality

09-18-2007, 16:11
If diving fresh water, I just hang the BC or BP/W upside down, full inflated for a day or two. Dump any water out of the inflator hose and repeat.

When it hangs overnight, and little or no water is getting dumped, I then either store it slightly inflated, or leave it hanging if I'm diving again soon.

For salt water the process is the same, only one wants to flush out the bladder on a regular basis, and soak the entire BC in freshwater.