View Full Version : changing batteries

12-13-2011, 20:32
Just received my Aeris xr2 and would like help on how to change the batteries. nothing in the manual and no google results. Thanks in advance

ScubaToys Larry
12-13-2011, 21:58
It's on page 85 http://www.diveaeris.com/PDF/12-7195-r02.pdf

12-13-2011, 23:41
Thanks Larry for your response. Yes I had gone through the section starting on page 85 and understand that procedure however I need to know how to expose the battery compartment first. There is no mention of removing modules or the rubber housing however my thought is one of those has to be removed. what is the procedure..

BTW my order took 9 days from your shop to my house in St Albert Alberta Canada and considering how fast Customs work I was very happy with the quickness of the delivery

12-14-2011, 23:27
If it is in a console you will have to remove it. Get one edge started and continue around. This can be a bit of a pain. If it is wrist mount then the battery area is exposed. Once you have the retainer ring off the clear plastic piece may or may not come off with it. Use your fingernail to get it off. DO NOT USE A KNIFE. I have seen this done too many times. Under the clear piece is the oring and you don't want to screw up anything that may cause it to not seal.