View Full Version : Bonaire Trip Report 10 - 17 Mar

03-19-2012, 20:45
Our quick and dirty Bonaire trip report – overall a wonderful dive vacation with the added bonus of incredible food! Who knew?

Flights – the Saturday direct flights between BON and ATL were definitely diver-friendly. 1500L BON arrival and 1530L departure - great for maximizing dive opportunities the day prior to departure. Did not have to pay an “exit tax” as expected.
Hotel/Dive Op– Stayed at Harbour Village Beach Resort and dove with “Great Adventures”, the on-site DO. Both the resort and DO had courteous, helpful, and hard-working staff. Very conservative guided dive profiles, shore/boat dive packages, and comfortable Newton dive boats. Would definitely stay and dive with them again.
Diving –75 min temp at night, but most days 77 @ 60 fsw. Favorite shore dive “Something Special” right off the resort. Favorite dive of the trip was a drift dive offo f Klein Bonaire – lots of turtles, tarpon, seahorses, huge puffer fish! Went on our first fluorescent dive – very interesting to observe the reef from a different perspective.
Food – What apleasant surprise! Went to Bonaire for the diving and had a Foodie adventure as well. The island has a plethora of fine restaurants combining Continental and Caribbean flair. If you have the opportunity, do not miss the five-course tasting menu at Capriccio (best tiramisu I have ever had) or the Dorado with Cajun Remoulade at Mona Lisa (marvelous, old-world Dutchvibe). Superb!

03-19-2012, 21:33
Nice report Chilly....sure brings back memories! Can't wait to return to my favorite dive island.


03-20-2012, 06:51
Nice report. I am heading down at the end of the year. We only have plane tickets right now so I'll have to take a look at Harbor Village Beach Resort.

03-21-2012, 09:55
We were there the same week 3/9 - 3-17...staying at El Pueblo villas....I thought the water was a bit chilly at 77-78....it was a great trip after a 10 year absence. We saw a Manta Ray at Bari Reef at about 7 feet ...I thought I was seeing things :-)....nice trip report

03-22-2012, 08:04
Left the 14th. another great trip.didn't see the manta but saw southern ray and several eagle rays. thought the water temp was little colder than previous by couple of degrees. stayed at black durgon inn for first time in several visits. love the place.