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03-26-2012, 13:11
Our dive club is looking at going to Curacao for our trip this year. Last time most of us were there was over 10 years ago and at Captain Don's Habitat, the wall and shore diving was great, and even though far out the facilities were good for our club. Now that Habitat is closed, what else is out that way with similar diving? We will be wanting boat and shore diving. Onsite food and beverage....
Kura Hunanda looked really nice but I have no idea if that is close to where we were before. Any and all advice is welcome!!!! Thanks!!

03-26-2012, 20:55
We stayed at Breezes. We thought it was a very nice resort and had everything we wanted. But, it is on the other end of the island from the good diving.

John Yaskowich
03-26-2012, 21:30
My boss loved his trip there when he stayed at All West ..:: All West Apartments & Diving, Curacao, Netherlands Antilles ::.. (http://www.allwestcuracao.com/) I don't know where it is on the island (in the west?)

03-26-2012, 21:39
Afaik there's no true AI's on that end of the island anymore except for Lodge Kura Hulanda. And they only bundle breakfast with the Dive package. It's a lot more upscale than Habitat was - I was in one of the suites.

IMO better diving also - they're on the Playa Kalki dive site. I will do that dive everytime I go to Curacao - it's very different in either direction. Go West Diving (http://www.oceanencounterswest.com/) is on-site, they do Watamula, Mushroom Forest and all the better boat dives in that area. Good facility and a dive dock that gets you partly out to the reef.

It's about 3X the distance to Westpunt than it was from the Airport to Habitat. About 45 mins. on the north road - longer if you take the split towards Lagun. IIRC Habitat was near St. Wilbrordus.

All West Apartments is also in that area and shares the use of Go West Diving. I don't think they have a restaurant there though. Rancho El Sobrino and Jaanchies are two in Westpunt. The Lodge also has 2 restaurants plus a grill down on the beach. Landhuis Daniel is another nicer option on the road back towards town.

Coral Estates bought Habitat and have been refurbishing it. IDK what the plans are as far as the public though. Here's a google translation of a post on their website - http://www.coral-estate.com/ :

Published: December 21, 2011

In 2012, the complete transformation instead of the "old Habitat Hotel" in the new Coral Estate Centre. The first phase - beach & restaurant 'CHARACTER' the dive center and its beautiful beach - is about the end of March 2012 in use.

The renovation and construction of the remaining parts will then proceed directly. Expected to end 2012 fully renovated Coral Estate Centre, with all its facilities in use can be taken.Sunset Waters also closed a couple years ago - and was torn down. It was the only other AI out west afaik. Besides Breezes I think Lions Dive near the Seaquarium also is an AI. It's at least a Dive resort - the main Ocean Encounters shop is 50 yds. away. It's really east Willemstad though.

03-27-2012, 07:26
There is a beach cafe by All West down by the dive shop if I am not mistaken you can add a breakfast package. We stayed at West Hill Bungalows and rented a car. We dove with Discover Diving.

There is a pretty good thread Snagel started last year if you search Curacao it will come up. He did a really good trip report too. I have a trip report as well. On Snagels thread Diversteve posts a lot of good info too.

03-27-2012, 10:06
stayed at ALL West November of 2010. highly recommend the place but there was no food available their. Great apartments , you cook your own food. Its in Westpunt which is the "quiet" part of the island. Loved the diving too. Don't know much about the other options but Lodge Kura Hulanda is top shelf. Could work for you but would be pricey by my standards.

03-27-2012, 14:02
Thanks for the info. I will will search the threads more for the reviews. My two choices right now are Kura Hulanda or All West. I like having a pool and a bar, but the value sounds really good at All West. I am trying to gather all the info I can. Too bad there is nothing closer to the old Habitat........it was a ways to town but not to bad, athough being from Texas is 45 minutes really far.........:)

03-28-2012, 06:11
As I said earlier, we stayed at the Breezes, but found the better diving on the west side of the island. Drive time was about 45 minutes each way for us; which, ate up a lot of time for diving. For us, driving in Curacao was a bit of a challenge especially trying to learn how to get through the city to the other side - no direct roads and had to weave our way through the streets and alleys to the main highway that went over the bay and then back down to the coast area. We ultimately rented a GPS; which, I would highly recommend.

When we go back, I'm not sure exactly what we will do. We really liked Breezes and if we take the boy we will probably stay at Breezes because they offer more for the family. If we go back for solely a dive trip, we will probably look for something closer to the west side.