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07-03-2012, 18:11
I am thinking of a possible trip to curacao in the beginning of August. Has anyone dove and stayed at Blue Bay Resort? I was wondering what a good and reasonably priced dive op would be?

Thanks for the help

07-03-2012, 18:59
always suggest The Dive Bus on the east end and Oceans West on the west end of the island.

07-03-2012, 21:54
Someone recently posted this review: Trip Review: Blue Bay (http://www.scubaboard.com/forums/abc-islands/423705-trip-review-blue-bay.html)

At one time DiveVersity was on-site there - maybe still is. http://www.diveversity.com/content.asp?id=37&contentTableID=37&subContentTableID=5

"Oceans West" is now called GO WEST Diving, they split off from Ocean Encounters last year - http://www.gowestdiving.com/

07-04-2012, 00:08
Was in Curacao last year, but not at Blue Bay. You can see our trip report at www.midwestmuckdiving.com (Left Side under Paradise Diving)

07-04-2012, 17:31
Thanks guys I may just end up using diversity at the resort and just do shore dives on the house reef.

07-09-2012, 18:07
Another question I have is how reliable/safe are taxi services in case I do decide to dive at either go west or ocean encounters. They seem to be to far away to walk from blue bay resort.

07-09-2012, 18:10
I've rented a car the times we were there

07-09-2012, 18:11
btw I think the Dive Bus has a pickup dropoff service for like $10

07-09-2012, 18:16
It looks like Blue Bay is west of Williamsted. If I remember this area was a little remote. I wouldn't rely on taxi's. Look into renting a car. I think we rented a truck from Hertz and it wasn't too bad.


07-09-2012, 18:48
Hmmm I will have to look into the dive bus. We are renting a car when we go down but im going down with my girlfriends dad and since he is going down there for work he is going to be using it throughout the day so we are kinda just limited to the resort and wherever a taxi would be able to take us.

07-09-2012, 20:17
The Dive Bus is a good option, but it is on the other side of Williamsted. Not sure if they would swing by and pick you up. We looked at it and know a lot of people love diving with them. We looked at it and figured about $100 per day/per diver and a little on the expensive side for us.

There is a lot of shore diving especially further NW from where you are staying. An option would be to rent your own vehicle? If your traveling all the way to the island, what is another couple hundred for a vehicle. (Note: If you do get a vehicle, rent a GPS with it...we were lost until we rented the GPS. We brought a GPS and thought we had the local maps, but wasn't)


07-09-2012, 20:57
I emailed DiveVersity to find out more about them and will also look into renting a car. Seems to only be about 200 for the week. Thanks for the help guys.

07-09-2012, 21:11
If you play with the car rental schedule you can usually get it fairly cheap...i.e. don't need it the first day and can take it back a day early (can't dive much the final day anyway - only usually a very early dive)


07-09-2012, 21:54
to dive at either go west or ocean encounters. They seem to be to far away to walk from blue bay resort.That's an understatement...you'll see when you get there. It's probably the better part of 30mins. driving to Go West from there. The nearest OE shop is at the Hilton in Piscadera Bay - 2 miles east from Blue Bay back to the main road then another mile or two south from there to the water. Curacao gets pretty warm in August..

The main OE shop is probably 20+ minutes drive the other direction - it's in East Willemstad. From BB's website:
Distance to Willemstad: 15 minutes by car
The Dive Bus only picks up as far west as Piscadera Bay afaik - maybe they'd swing by to get you at Blue Bay - Mark and Suzy are pretty acommodating. Or you can arrange to meet them at a dive site farther west. But if there's two of you (g/f and you?) just shore dive on your own. Most of the sites in that area are easy beach entries and have on-site dive operators for tank/wt (or full gear) rental. Usually some sort of snack shop also. Most of the sites are a few minutes drive in off the main road so w/o a car you'd be pretty limited. The exception would be Go West, from there you can walk to a couple local restaurants - or eat at Lodge Kura Hulanda on-site.

Some good dives with all three that are fairly close by:

Porto Mari
Playa Lagun

There's a bus service on Curacao also, IDK any details but we asked a local once - she said it's pretty reliable. One of the dive operators mentions using it to get from town to their location on their website. http://www.curacaohome.com/busschedulescuracao.html

A cab from the Airport to Westpunt (Go West) is about $50 one-way+. I'd rent a car - Blue Bay is kind of isolated. They have an arrangement with Thrify Car Rental. If it's like most rentals there, they'll pick you up and take you back to their office to do the paperwork. http://hotel.bluebay-curacao.com/autoverhuur

07-10-2012, 21:55
Thanks for all that info. Unfortunately my gf will not be diving or she may get certified while down there. Do the taxis and other places accept American money or would we have to get it exchanged?

07-10-2012, 21:59
they love the American dollar especially when tipping.

07-11-2012, 17:31
If you read a thread Snagel put up about his trip to Curacao last year I really recommended a car infact I almost screamed it. You will miss a lot if you don't have a car. The best spots to dive are on the west side of the island. I would not buy a dive package. A lot of the dive cites (or some depending who you ask) will charge a fee if you bring your own tanks. Example Go West will charge you a $10 locker fee per person to dive Alice in Wonderland but if you get their tanks no fee.

Curacao has a lot to offer. My son and I would enjoy visiting the different dive shops and meeting the dive masters. Playa Laguna has a great dive shop and an even better BBQ night. It has a great reef I think one of the best. My son got his OW cert there and we enjoyed breakfasf everyday with free internet and one of the best cups of coffee. There really is only one main road west and its a loop.

I am going back in December and I plan to crank it up a knotch not only get my own car but rent water taxis to the get a few dives in where a boat is needed. Guided dive $140 per person water taxi is $20 and your tanks for $10.

You can have a great time exploring the island and it is a Dutch colony so no worries about crazy cops giving you a hard time. Get a car explore, dive and have a blast!

Oh and try the Iguana at I love Janchises its pretty amazing

07-13-2012, 07:43
My son was a dive instructor there,met his fiancee (another instructor) and they will be getting married here in US as soon as the immigration stuff is finished. (she is fm holland.)
If you get over to Oceans Encounters, mention William and Suzanne.. tell them they miss the island and their friends!
I have been there a few times visiting, I recommend Westpunt and Klien Curacao as well as the Mushroom Forest and the Superior Producer wreck.
Try to get a night dive in.. watch out for cocky octupus! :)

07-13-2012, 18:48
Man you guys...I'm here trying to figure out our fall dive trip and you keep making me relive Curacao. The others want to try something new and now I'm all pumped up to tackle the island once again.

BTW....Ocean Encounters is one top notch dive outfit as Stud said.


07-13-2012, 21:41
11555I just got this price list from all west apartments thought you guys might like to see it. Looks like the dropped all the prices!

07-17-2012, 09:39
Well it turns out curacao might not be happening now. Tickets all last week were only $490 round trip but my girlfriends dad wasnt getting his itinerary until yesterday so he wanted us to wait until then. When we went online to book them yesterday the tickets had doubled!!! Prices are now $930 which as bad as I want to go is just something I can afford to do right now. Oh well seems like it always works out that way

07-17-2012, 18:00
I was looking at those this morning too and was surprised. We have a couple that may want to join us on the Curacao leg of our trip in December but that is a bit much for them

07-19-2012, 08:43
Prices are going down!!! maybe theres still hope!!!!

07-19-2012, 14:37
not sure what is happening with the airlines. American to curacao I have gotten for just over $400. would wait it out.
Good Luck ,it does seem like reason will win out.

07-22-2012, 09:22
The hardest thing about going to Curacao or Bonaire is trying to get a good price on flights. The reason we haven't been back to Bonaire in 2 years is because we can't afford $1k each for flights. Curacao seems to be a little cheaper, but still..