View Full Version : How to connect new battery, UB1280, to Sea Doo Scooter Dolphin?

07-06-2012, 18:21
I have two of the Sea Doo Scooter Dolphin that my kids love playing with in the pool. They have worked well for us but now time to replace the batteries.

Online I have found UB1280 batteries for an inexpensive price but what is unclear to me is how to connect the new battery.

I am fine with cutting the wires from the existing batteries and re-using the connector that goes to the Scooter. But what is unclear is how I then connect the bare wire to the new battery.

Also the present connection looks water proof. Do I need to make the new connection water proof? What is a good approach? Maybe hot glue?

Really appreciate any help.

Thanks in advance!!!!!!!!!

07-06-2012, 19:14
If it was the same battery in the original, it should be using push-on terminals. You don't solder to a battery - it tends to cause the seals to fail.

If they got "creative", then you might need to as well. If all else fails, get the push-on terminals that fit the battery, put them on the old wiring, and call it done.

- Tim

07-07-2012, 08:20

I did not realize that it was the same under the sealed black rubber covers. It looked like all one piece.

My original battery is a Model No ZS4b with a URL of WWW.DAKA.COM.HK