View Full Version : A bit of trouble staying at depth

07-15-2012, 19:44
My wife and recently got certified and we have done as instructed during certification to find our "perfect wieght" the problem is that we can drop nice and slowly to depth and level out but when we begin to swim, as in moving from one bouy to another at depth, we soon find ourselves at the surface. Any thoughts on what we may be doing wrong or not doing? It seems to be more of an issue when we are navigating via compass more so than when following a line. (Such as the white line tied between platforms at CSSP.)



ScubaToys Larry
07-15-2012, 20:49
You are probably swimming with your head above your fins. It's learning to adjust your "attitude" that will fix that.

07-15-2012, 21:40
Sounds like you just need keep diving and dialing it in. Especially, when you are task oriented, sometimes we forget to monitor our depth. Keep diving and this will get easier. Might want to play with positioning the weight maybe a little higher to get your trim dialed in.

I assume you accounted for the lose in weight with a tank that is not full.


07-16-2012, 07:46
Thank you both for the insight and advice. Will keep at it.


07-16-2012, 18:02
Larry is probably right. Most divers tend to go where they are looking. If you look slightly up, you will head slightly up. Getting good trim in the water will probably help a lot. Unfortunately watching a compass inherently has most divers looking forward to keep the compass level which can cause some upward drifting. Get a feel for how fast you are ascending then simply look at your depth gauge whenever you would likely be going up 5' and adjust. Eventually you will both naturally flatten out your path.