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09-14-2012, 13:12
:smiley20: Just got back from week of diving in Coz. We stayed at Hotel Cozumel for the first time. We didn,t do the all inclusive, Ate breakfast there serveral times and it was OK. Looked at the lunch buffet and was happy to eat a sandwhich in the room(makings from mega mart). The A/C in our room could get it cold enough to hang meat. It frooze us even in the daytime. Would stay there again, No real complaints. Found a new resturant, Lobesteria, turn at post office go by coata brava about one block, really good shrimp w/ avacado.
Dove with Dive Paradise, we like the slow boats with shade. Had a private DM each day as we like to go on the reef tops/shallow and slow looking for little critters. Marco & Jorge did an excellent job.
We got to see 3 nurse sharks actually swimming by, saw numerous large grouper, only 3 turtles, a a pair of dancing juv drums, serveral Flamingos, more small fish and fish swarms (balls) than I,ve seen in Coz. Dozens of quarter sized flounders.
Only 1 lion fish all week! The lobsters were grouping together on certain reefs. Lots of crab, a couple of spotted moray, no green moray.
On our night dive the crab & lobster were everywhere along with serveral octopi. We had to call our night dive early as both myself and brother had severa indigestion. We got the DM,s attention & surfaced leaving the others to continue. Boat picked us up,no problem. As we were sitting there enjoying the stars we noticed that there were luminscent critters floating by, looked to be about 10 inchs long, The boat guy scooped one up in a bucket & when we shined a light on it found that it was about 3 inchs long and maybe 1/8th inch around. The next day we ran into the same thing along with a clear tube approx 3/4 inch long w, a few dark spots. The DM clled them something I can remember.
Last day on Island we rented a jeep & went to the east side to eat a Playa Bonita, Great shrimp cocktail & gacamole, plus the largest margarita you have ever seen. The Iguana bar has weedeater blender to make frozen drinks with as he has no electricity.Overall a very good week of lowering my blood pressure & blood sugar levels.:smiley30::smiley30::smilie39::smilie39::sm iley19::smiley19: back to work:smiley11::smiley11:

09-14-2012, 13:30
Nice. Always look forward to going there. Thanks for the report.

09-14-2012, 14:11
Sounds like a great time!

09-15-2012, 09:42
sounds like a great trip. Cozumel never disappoints!