View Full Version : Curacao/Bonaire Countdown

12-25-2012, 14:57
Well I think its safe to start the countdown. I leave Thursday morning for Miami at 7am from Cincinnati. We have a long lay over but that's the price of a miles ticket.

We got discount passes to the Admirals Club so it wont be to bad. I have NetFlix and Hulu to help me pass the time. Oh and free pop and snacks.

Get into Curacao around 9pm, Friends are getting there at 3pm so they will get the car and do the shopping.

On the 31st we booked InselAir to Bonaire and we are there till the 8th.

We have internet at both places as far as I know so I might post a pic or two while I am out.

It will be very interesting to contrast the two dive areas.

12-25-2012, 15:06
Have fun and we await tales of your adventure. Would love to be going back, but it is sounding like next year we will be back in Bonaire.