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12-25-2012, 15:58
My wife does a 25 and 50 year article for the Skiatook paper, last nite she found this article that may interest some.


The Oklahoma Blue Gill Divers club has acquired a campsite for its outings on Lake Tenkiller. Chuck Mason, president of the club, recently informed the State Wildlife Conservation Department, the club has obtained a lease on a seven acre tract in the Black Gum public use area and has made plans for development of the land for the clubs members.

From 3 Jan 1963

12-25-2012, 16:25
that's back when you could see the bottom 20-30 feet way from the surface anytime on Tenkiller. It was the clearest lake around.

12-25-2012, 17:42
I did a search for the dive club mentioned and didn't come up with anything. It is in the Cookson area, I wonder if they ever developed anything.

12-25-2012, 19:39
Back in '76, I was a member of the Wichita Aquahunters - a dive club that was established by a bunch of spear fishers. Back then, there were a good number of clubs that sponsored spear fishing tournaments and I recall one I participated in at Tenkiller spnsored by the OK Blue Gill divers.