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09-22-2007, 08:49
I am shopping, comparing, analyzing and inspecting and still not quite sure which Zeagle BCD I should buy. I have a few questions that need answers from the experts. So, if anyone can help me, I would appreciate it.
First, The Brigade is a Ranger with an Escape Bladder, right? This bladder is #35 LBs of lift as opposed to the standard #44 that comes with the Ranger, right? Well, if the only difference between the Ranger and Brigade is the bladder, why the $150 price difference? Is a replacement bladder that expensive? And if I dive only in warm water, recreationally, with a single cylinder, why would I ever need #44 LBs of lift? (I mostly wear a .5 mil or 1 mil wetsuit but on rare occasions I will go heavy wetsuit like a 5mm for the Florida Springs - and I use 12 LBs of weight at my heaviest)
Second, since the Stiletto comes with a #35 LBs lift bladder, is that the same bladder that Zeagle used on the Escape?
Third, I like the Ranger because the harness is wider, seems to be much sturdier and the side pockets are bigger then the Stiletto but do I need a BC that is bulletproof? I mean, I would be willing to bet that the Stiletto holds up just as well as the Ranger.
And last, since the smaller side pockets on the Stiletto are the only reason I am leaning away from it and toward the Ranger or Brigade, and seeing how all Zeagles are made from interchangeable components, can I put Ranger side pockets on a Stiletto?

Thanks again.

ScubaToys Larry
09-22-2007, 10:08
The pockets are sewn in - so you are not changing pockets without changing the entire waist panel. And there is a pretty big difference in the cost of the bladders, but also the Ranger price is affected by MAP pricing rules while since the Brigade is specific only to us, there is no Map price pre set on it.

35 lbs of lift is plenty for any kind of recreational diving with single tanks... more would just be overkill.

When you get figured out which set of features is best for you, just give us a call and we'll work it out with you. For me - I like the sturdier harness and the lighter bladder to give me the comfort and feel of the ranger, but the easier to pack attributes of the other versions... That's why I invented the Brigade!

09-22-2007, 16:13
If you haven't tried both the Ranger and Stilletto on, you might want to do that to see which one you like. We did that for my husband and there was no question which one he preferred after putting both on....the Ranger. However, he really liked the extra features of the Ranger LTD and went that way instead of the Brigade or regular Ranger. And we got a heck of a deal from Joe at ST. Don't worry about the prices you see on the website, you get the real prices when you call ST and ask. ;)