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02-03-2013, 20:56
So I know that I'm probably annoying many of you, but can anyone tell me what to expect when I take the ow class next weekend? :smiley29:

02-03-2013, 21:05
I doubt that you are annoying anyone.... Padi, SSI, NAUI? I'm assuming that you are referring to the actual diving portion of the training.

02-03-2013, 21:07
NAUI, I'm actually taking it at Scuba Toys

02-03-2013, 21:18
I'm PADI certified, but it was FUN. I met a bunch of new people and had a good time doing dives practicing the same skills that I practiced in the pool... The only bad part was having to walk up a hill after each dive (I did my OW at a local quarry, and it was a small hike not too bad though)

02-03-2013, 21:19
Keep you mind open and enjoy the class. Don't try and rush it.

You will probably start by doing some swimming to make sure you have the stamina. Don't sweat it. Then you will probably get to know your gear and how to assemble it.

How is your class set up - weekend, nightly (how many nights)?


02-03-2013, 21:21
Weekend class room on Sat and Sun, then scuba park the next Sat and Sunday.

02-03-2013, 21:31
Dude, we have so been there. I love seeing someone excited about diving. Definitely not annoying.

There is some flexibility in how to run a class. Some places will have you do classroom work, pool work, classroom work, pool work. Some will do classroom work, classroom work, pool work, classroom work, pool work.

All the ones I have worked for like you to get a mix of classroom and pool. They have to have you do some classroom work before you get to the pool. I have heard of some which will do a LOT of classroom work before you hit the pool. Most like to mix it up so the classroom work is fresh in your mind.

For the classroom work, they want you to pass. The questions aren't there to mess you up. They are there so the instructor can be sure you got it all. It also helps the instructor know where people might have trouble when you get to the pool.

As an instructor all the requirements are there to make sure they can prepare you to be a safe diver. They charge you money because they have to make a living but all the good instructors I have met aren't in it for the money. They just want you to be a good diver; for yourself and for the environment.

Also, you won't stop learning after you get your c-card. You get the OW card because you met the minimum requirements. You are expected to remember everything you are taught and to get better. It is like the first time I passed my driving exam. I would okay to drive but every year I became a better and better driver. Same thing with scuba. First year you'll be okay but every year you'll get better and better. The important thing to remember is that your instructor and any divemasters helping have years of experience. So they will be a lot better at it than you. When your instructor tells you, you did a great job they really mean it. They aren't saying you did it as well as say Navy but compared to all the students they have had you did a great job.

02-03-2013, 22:04
888 is hitting it spot on. The important thing is to have fun as well. There's a lot of information that will be coming your way in a short amount of time. Take it easy, pay attention and try to have as much fun as you can. I personally have learned I retain a lot more information in a fun enviroment than a more institutional one. And a lot of the fun is on me to consider and make it so.

Also, this isn't BUDs or USMC Force Recon or US Army Ranger Training. The goal isn't to wash folks out and be left wit ht he cream of the crop, it's to turn you into a OW diver and make it so you will be a safe OW diver. The instructor and assistants are there to make sure you succeed.

It is also okay to be nervous, excited, anxious and all that, but don't let it overwhelm you. At least half of the instuctors course is teaching them how to teach at the adult level and the various mehtods that work.

In a nut shell: Expect to be welcomed to the class, meet your fellow students, be given a synopsis of the course, an idea of the requirements and have both pool and classroom stuff. Have fun, I've helped with a good number of classes and enjoyed the classroom stuff just as much as the pool time and definitely enjoyed interacting with the new divers.

02-03-2013, 22:47
Weekend class room on Sat and Sun, then scuba park the next Sat and Sunday.

Darn, I just missed teaching you!

No worries though, I know the instructors teaching your class and you are in VERY good hands.