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09-22-2007, 13:51
Has anyone taken this class? Is there any homework involved? I was told all of the specialities outside of Nitrox were in Adventures in Diving text but this one isn't in there and the instructor is out of the shop until Monday.

09-22-2007, 16:16
It's more of a fun class. Nothing major just some general info and such. No you won't be able to do a annual on your regs.. a lot of people think they can after the class.

09-22-2007, 16:17
Took mine last year. It was great. The tech had a pile of 1sts, 2nds and BCDs which represented most 'technologies'. He then demoed the operation, disassembly/assembly, tools/guages and overhaul steps. Then a series on adjustments that could be made on site along with common problems and solutions. Then a segment on correct neoprene repair was given. The entire thing took pretty much a full day in the workshop.

No homework, exam or anything.

09-22-2007, 16:20
Planning to pick this one up next spring. I'm sure the info will be valuable somewhere down the road. My LDS only offers this in January.

09-22-2007, 17:56
I took it last year and it saved a day of diving when my husband's regs started free flowing (badly) on the first day of a dive vacation. I was able to confidently adjust it and we dove for 10 days with no problem after that. My husband is now taking the class in November so we'll both be trained. :D

My instructor really focused on field fixes, which is what I feel was the most valuable part of the class.

09-22-2007, 23:27
I agree, other than the field fixes, it aint worth it. It is interesting to see how things work but not worth the money for just that. take it and enjoy.

09-24-2007, 11:16
I took it two years ago in the winter time (nice snowy day) and it was great...mostly because the instructor made it fun! We were there about 8 hours, and did regulator service, a VIZ on a tank, rebuild an inflator on a BC, and went over all sorts to stuff. (and had pizza to boot!)

09-24-2007, 16:12
Depends on the instructor. Some cover quite a bit of valuable tips, others barely give the basics and hand you a card. Generally no books or homework on this one.

09-24-2007, 20:49
Still it sounds interesting. As being an industrial mechanic i'm all ways wanting to know how things work.

09-27-2007, 16:43
Ok, I had the class last night. There were 3 students. We spent about 3-4 hours in total. He started with a shop overview. After that, he pulled out some lights and had us lubricate the o-rings.

Then we took apart our BCDs. Cleaned the bladders. Reviewed the parts in the dump valves and took apart the inflator. Showed us places where the salt builds up from salt water diving.

Next it was onto our Regulators. Took them apart to show us both the first stage and second stage and had us all read our Intermediate pressures, and how to adjust that. Then went on to dismantling the second stage, showing us how that worked and how to clean those parts.

Then we put my reg up on the bench, and tested it at depth, so you can adjust the diaphram and show how the resistance goes down as the pressure increased. Took off the mouthpiece and bolted it back on. Checked the pressure which then let me check my SPG and my AI computer.

Next we took apart our computers to show us how to change the batteries. We then tested the computers in a pressure tank.

Finally it was tanks and he showed us how he does a Vis and explained the process of a hydro, as they don't do those on site.

It was a good class, as I learned what is fairly easy to maintain, and what I will have they do when it comes to servicing my equipment.

It was worthwhile just to check out my gear. The maintenance we did alone would have cost me as much as the class did at the LDS, and this way I was able to see how its done.

09-27-2007, 16:52
georoc01 -- did you use your own gear or shop gear?

09-27-2007, 17:37
Sounds like a very thorough class. Score!

09-27-2007, 17:53
picking it up next January at LDS. :smiley20:

09-27-2007, 19:00
I took this class last month. Very interesting course. I learned a lot. I would recommend it not has a way to service your own equipment. Just knowledge and a better understanding.

10-01-2007, 08:42
georoc01 -- did you use your own gear or shop gear?

We used our own gear.

And I agree it was not about self service, but more about how they service our gear and how for us to maintain it between service intervals.