View Full Version : How cool is ScubaToys? + BC for Frozen Shoulder

07-14-2007, 21:17
I have received great service both in the store and online for about 3 years now from ScubaToys. For awhile, I considered ST to be one of my local dive shops, since I visited my sister-in-law in Dallas 2 times a year and would stop by every time I could. I bought my Zeagle Brigade there and recently I bought my Bare Wetsuit there. Both have fit perfect and both have worked perfect. Larry personally fit the BC for me and I can personally vouch that he is a really nice guy and will treat you right. At present, I'm considering purchasing my wife a Dive Rite Transpack and ScubaToys is the price to beat and I know they are authorized dealers. If you go to the store, check out the AL80 door stop sunk in the concrete that is full of all different kinds of bullet holes. We are in Texas. I think it was an exercise by a local Police Officer.

Anyway, back to my wife. She had a frozen shoulder that has recently unfroze. If anyone knows what that is. She had it for about 4 years and it was very stiff, weak and painful for her. She could not dive. She could barely drive. Now, she wants to get back into diving. We are going to Bonnaire in September. She tried the Zeagle Zena at the Zeagle booth at SeaSpace in Houston and really liked it and it did fit her really well, but before we get her that, I think she should also try the Transpac, since it transfers a lot of the tank weight to your hips. This would help her a lot I think. Anyone else have a recommendation on this?