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04-01-2013, 23:14
I have an old Genesis "The Source" dive computer. I know that battery kits are no available for this computer anymore but I can still take it to a LDS and they will replace the batteries and o-ring if needed. The batteries are easy enough to get (Energizer - CR2032) but if the LDS can get an o-ring I should be able to as well. So far as I can tell this must be a well kept secret though as I cannot get anyone to own up to the o-ring size. I would like to know if there are battery replacement kits available for other models that will interchange (Genesis ReSource/Sherwood Source) or at least what size is the o-ring so I can just go to Ace Hardware and buy one.

04-20-2014, 13:37
Take the old o-ring to a plumbing supply. They should be able to size it for you.

07-25-2014, 09:32
Best to measure the inner and outer dimensions, but if this is the battery hatch that screws in and you open with a nickle, I believe its the -023 size. There is a thread on scubaboard that tries to catalog most oring and battery sizes for computers. I believe that this one is the same as most of the puck computers of the era which would make it a -023. Best to check though. If its an early Source computer, it will not have the slot for the nickle. On that one, the top outer bezel unscrews and it uses something like a 1/2AA battery. They're still available, but I have no idea on the oring size. There's a youtube video on that one, I'm pretty sure. On the early ones, there's three holes on the back side in a triangular pattern. That's your pressure sensor so don't try to stick something in those holes.