View Full Version : Tenkiller Dive Report for Sat. April 20

04-20-2013, 19:06
It was a great day of diving. I thought with all the rain we had this last week that the vis would be bad. On the way there I noticed all the ponds and creeks were full and looked like chocolate milk, even Greenleaf looked that way. So I was expecting the worst. When I arrived I was surprised to see the lake so full. The water is clear up past the start of the ramp. There was a class there from Pirates Cove, a great group of people which included a couple of Aquanauts. Jason, Jonathan, Sean and I suited up and hit the water. To our surprise the vis was fantastic, I am talking 25 to 30 foot vis and some areas even better than that. This is the kind of vis I hear all the old timers "Rick" talking about how it used to be. Temps were 61 on the surface. 57 at 30 feet, and 56 at 60 feet at the back of the helicopter. Everyone needs to get out there soon to take advantage of the great conditions. I hope it stays this way till we get out there on May 18th for our annual picnic and dive. Hopefully warmer though.

05-04-2013, 20:45
I was able to dive Tenkiller again today, conditions were not as good as two weeks ago, but still pretty good for Tenkiller. Visibility was 15- 20 feet and temps were 60-61 degrees. Conditions out of the water was not as good. Strong north winds, rain and 45 degrees. Someone has cut or took most of the lines I ran to all the underwater attractions. I will run new lines in two weeks when I go back. I just don't see why some divers don't want the lines. This is the second time that my line have been taken out.

05-04-2013, 22:06
I've heard of that happening on a lot of lakes soonerwink. I can't help but wonder if it's fisherman who are trolling the bottom dring the colder months for fish who go deep and are hooking lines as they go?

05-05-2013, 16:21
They were intact 2 weeks ago, well I just bought 3000' of new line at a very good price, just for this. Our dive club is having their annual picnic, dive, get together on the 18th, will be a good time to get some of our new members acquainted with the scuba park. If you get the time Navy, you should come down and join us.

05-05-2013, 17:43
Thanks for the invite, but alas, I work that weekend.