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07-03-2013, 20:35
get it... :smiley11:

well the wench and I are setting on the patio getting ready to test my new smoking tech toys on some more NC style BBQ
Seems to be catching on in texas
any way my knucklehead x son in law refuses to sign for a passport so we can take our grandaughter on the family vacation in october
so wr are looking for destinations that dont require a pasport with good diving
what can the brain trust tell me about diving the USVI

Diver Kat
07-03-2013, 22:41
Wait! So no Cozumel in October???? That bites!! We've snorkeled at St. Johns which was beautiful, and did a cruise stop dive in St. Thomas which was fun, but don't have much else to judge by.

07-03-2013, 23:54
I've no personal experience, but I've been told there is some good diving in Peurto Rico too.

07-04-2013, 17:47
I was at St. Thomas in May. All the dives I did were near St. John's or one of the adjacent cays. The diving was good, but not Cozumel. Red Hook Dive Center was great, very professional, safety oriented and a fun group of people. They are on Facebook and share photos of daily dives.

07-05-2013, 09:34
So the kids suffer becuase adults can't get along. You have to wonder why an adult would let his pettiness stand in the way of children expierncing somehting wonderful!

07-05-2013, 10:53
St. Croix is probably the best of the three for diving. It's one of the few locations in the Caribbean with quite a few shore dives. Some are listed here but there's more. http://www.shorediving.com/Earth/Caribbean/StCroix/index.htm Cane Bay Wall is shore accessible from the north side and the Frederickstad Pier is supposed to be a good dive also. I'm not promoting them but there's a lot of info here: http://www.stcroixscuba.com/ AA flies there directly.

From there you can also day trip over to Buck Island National Monument (http://www.nps.gov/buis/index.htm). Buck Island is interesting in that only two areas are allowed for diving and it's restricted. So likely very pristine. http://www.caribbeanseaadventures.com/dive-buck-island-reef/

South of St. Thomas is wreck central. There's about 20 of them. No personal experience with them. http://www.blueislanddivers.com/02_sites/divesites.html At several places - including checking in at the airport - someone mentioned that there was a lot of crime in Charlotte Amalie. We only spent one night there but the resort was gated, high fenced and patrolled so they were likely right.

We dove the Cays on the East End also. Stayed out there also a little north of Sapphire Beach in a condo I won't recommend. Red Hook is a small harbor town so there's some shops/restaurants there. Depending on your budget/desires, the Ritz is pretty nice. They have their own on-site operator. Bolongo Bay Resort/St. Thomas Dive Club might be another option. Sapphire Beach Resort looked OK but it was also a timeshare and a cruise beach. Sugar Bay Resort just north of there looked very nice. From there you could walk around the bay to Coki Beach - we did with gear.

Carval Rock was supposed to be one of the best more advanced dives but we couldn't do it due to conditions so dove Congo Cay instead. Grass Cay nearby was average and pretty shallow. It's mostly pretty shallow diving on that end. Cow/Calf Rocks farther south are also decent shallow dives.

Coki Beach is a meh shore dive on St. Thomas - it's about the only one. The cruise lines take divers/snorkelers there - Coki Beach Dive club does Snuba, snorkeling etc. Coral World next door is some sort of 70's underwater aquarium thing. The best part of that dive was past their inlet pipes nearer to the point. Ripping current one afternoon though - we had to get out and walk back.

There's also shore diving off St. John. http://www.divelowkey.com/dive_stjohn.html?PID=6

The east end of St. Thomas is much quieter yet only about 1/2 hr. drive from Charlotte Amalie if you did want to see town. Also there's a car ferry between Red Hook and St. John till about 9PM. You'll fly into St. Thomas even if you stay on St. John. Either drive over or take the ferry from the downtown ferry port.

http://www.vinow.com/ has links to just about everything.

07-05-2013, 15:01
Red Hook Dive Center includes the use of gear (at no additional charge) in the price of the boat trip. Last year, their gear was all new ScubaPro stuff. http://redhookdivecenter.com/

07-07-2013, 20:47
Had a great time diving in St Thomas.... "http://forum.scubatoys.com/showthread.php?t=613" used http://www.admiraltydive.com/

07-10-2013, 11:15
Thanks for all the good information
we are still researching leaning for Croix
But the nothead is considering signing, if he does so by Friday we will get to keep our original Cozumel plans