View Full Version : Can anyone tell me what this is?

His wench
04-17-2014, 19:20
This picture was shot in Cozumel by our dive operator in Cozumel and asked if anyone could identify it...

A "nest-like" structure we came across at Dzul-Ha reef...we are not really sure what it is, but are very curious! at Cozumel, Mexico (https://www.facebook.com/pages/Cozumel-Mexico/144298078992150?ref=stream).

Thanks yall!


04-17-2014, 21:31
I think that is a Basket Starfish... I don't know a lot about them, I've only seen one or two in the Caribbean.



His wench
04-18-2014, 13:00
Thank you!

Zeagle Eagle
04-19-2014, 23:19
You are very lucky to see that. I have only seen a couple in 15 years. Nice picture too.:smiley20:

04-24-2014, 17:25
Yes basket star...you saw the daytime look. At night it opens up into a totally different shape also awesome!