View Full Version : All excited, the UPS dude is coming to my house...

TAH 73
09-24-2007, 14:39
Called up Joe today, and should be getting a visit from the UPS Driver sometime in the next little while, going to be wierd diving, as I will be in almost all new gear, and just so I don't get in trouble too much Kala got a new wetsuit, (Mares semidry), and I got a whole bunch of good stuff:
A Ranger with all the pockets, An Oceanic Datamax loaded up with the Compass and quick dissconect and treated myself to a new Oceanic Delta IV reg. Oh and a new snorkel too! Joe made it quick and easy figured out a bunch of stuff in advance, and hooked me up with a great deal.

09-24-2007, 14:53
Congrats on the new gear. Enjoy!

09-24-2007, 15:32
I was at the gym working out when he came to my house but he left me the package. Just opened it up and it's grrrrreat. A new 3mil Pinnacle Merino-Elastiprene in ML just like I ordered. I'm taking it with me to Oz, PNG and NZ. Should get over 100 dives on it this trip. It will be broken in by the time I get home.


09-24-2007, 15:41
100 dives in one trip? how long is this one trip??

09-24-2007, 15:42
7 weeks but not all diving. Will spend about 2 weeks in NZ where I might dive one or two days. I will do a lot of diving in Oz and PNG though.