View Full Version : Need help from forum members to decide stopover dive destination

06-03-2014, 11:53
Hi everyone,

My wife and I will be going to Indonesia next March to dive at Wakatobi. However, we are having great difficulties to decide on our stopover dive destination between Raja Ampat and Palau. Our original plan was to go to Phuket Thailand to dive with Marcia but ...
We need all the help and advice from the forum to help us decide where should we go as we never dive SEA before.

Thank You very much for your time in advance.


06-03-2014, 14:12
Wakatobi is great. My suggestion, skip Thailand, and go to Ambon. Lembeh Strait is good for muck diving, but you will find most, and others, in Ambon, plus much clear water. If you can, stay at Cape Paperu Dive Resort. Much better than Maluku Divers.

Philippines also have good options.

Zeagle Eagle
06-03-2014, 17:05
I have not done Raja Ampat; but, I have don Palau quite a few times. It is some of the best diving I have ever done.