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06-16-2014, 19:56
I was in Coz 06-13/06-27 and got the chance to do something different. Our dive op offered to take us to the mainland to do some lionfish hunting. It was outside of the marine park and legal so I figured what the heck.

First off I have to say the diving wasnt all that bad. It was flat but there was some stuff to see. We bagged about 15 lionfish or so and three lobsters.

On the way back the DM made ceviche. I think it was the best I have ever had. I am sure it had a lot to do with the whole expierence that made it so tasty but it was pretty awesome.

Diver Kat
06-16-2014, 20:53
We've been over - via 6 pack - to the Mainland a couple times years ago to dive Las Tortugas - when the turtles are all mating (I gather.) No lionfish back then, and it was pretty flat. However the numbers of turtles was pretty amazing. The last time we hit bad weather coming back, and weren't so sure we were going to get across the channel without sinking. Made it, but the Op owner reamed the DM a good one, as apparently he wasn't supposed to be crossing in the little boats!