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Zeagle Eagle
10-08-2014, 15:42

The deflator (dump valve) on my inflator hose is stuck. It's activated by pulling on the inflator valve on the end of the hose. I have never liked using it consequently never have. Pulling on the hose does not release any air from the dump valve. It's a sherwood silohuete BC probably 6 or 7 years old. Any ideas as to how to get it working. There appears to be no broken or missing pieces. I am not sure how the steel cable activates the valve.

10-08-2014, 20:18
A dump valve, in general, is a diaphragm held to an opening by a spring. A cable runs through the spring and connects to the diaphragm. If you pull the cable it lifts diaphragm away from the opening and compresses the spring. If you look at the following it should be more clear:

The difference for a Sherwood shoulder dump is it does not have the cabling coming out the housing with a knob on the end. Instead the cable will go down the inflator hose and attach at the bottom (where the actually inflator/deflator mechanism is). When you stretch out the inflator hose it pulls on the cable which in turn pulls on the diaphragm.

Possible reasons it does not work:

- The diaphragm is stuck to the opening. So when you pull it, it does not pull away from the hole. If you pull it too hard you will only end up tearing the diaphragm. Maybe you can work the diaphragm so it is no longer stuck to the opening but at the same time you don't rip the diaphragm. I'd unscrew the dump valve from the shoulder to have a look and see if this is the problem. Risk: you cannot get the assembly back together.

- The cable is broken. If this is the case you'll have to get a new cable and replace it.

- The cable isn't attached. The cable is usually welded to the diaphragm. So if it is going to detach but not be broken then it will detach down near the inflator valve mechanism. You'll have to see if you can take the inflator mechanism off the hose. If the cable is attach then the assembly won't come completely off. It is does come off then you'll have to compress the hose, pull the cable out, attach the cable to the inflator, re-attach the mechanism to the hose. Risk: you cannot get it back together or you cannot get it air tight.

Zeagle Eagle
10-08-2014, 21:26
I will give all of those suggestions a try tomorrow SD. Thanks for the info.

10-08-2014, 23:19
This reminds me, any moving part on my equipment I tend to work periodically. Zippers, dump valves, clips, etc. Occasionally I forget to do this. This is why I had to rebuild two of my lights. Didn't use them for a while (I had too many lights) and they stopped working.

Zeagle Eagle
10-09-2014, 20:23
I do the same 888. I also charge all my batteries. Unfortunately, I had this older Sherwood BC in the back of my closet which I have neglected for a couple of years. My daughter has dived with it; but, I am sure she didn't exercise the valve.