View Full Version : Underwater Garden Too Cool!

04-24-2015, 14:26
Check out the Nemo's Garden. Tomorrow way of farming. I have to imagine the possibilities are countless for this.



Check it out!

Rich Keller
04-24-2015, 17:27
I must be missing the point here. This just looks like hydroponics done underwater where there is less light to help the plants grow. This could be done faster, easier, cheaper and better on land.

04-24-2015, 20:02
Well, the humidity would be higher...

04-27-2015, 14:13
Just thought it was cool. obviously not all see it the same way. When they came out with Solar Panels they weren't cost effective, when they came out with electric cars they weren't cost effective but they were still innovative and cool. Now the solar panels and the electric cars make a huge dent in preserving the earth. Perhaps this will too some day!