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11-21-2015, 04:34
Hello, Everyone! I'm trying to create a Facebook Fun Page, but I don't know how to create it. Does anyone here who helped me about this?

Zeagle Eagle
11-21-2015, 18:49
Does this have anything to do with Scuba?

04-17-2016, 07:54
Here are some tips I regularly give new divers:

1. Dive more. As a new diver, you are still anxious and/or excited in the water. Dive more to become more comfortable.

2. Wear the proper exposure protection. i.e. wet suit or drysuit. If you are cold, you will suck down more air.

3. Dive more.

4. Work on your weighting. If you dive with too much weight, then that is just more air you have to add at depth to compensate for it.

5. Right on the heels of #4, work on your neutral buoyancy, the more up and down that you do, the more air you are wasting trying to stay neutral.

6. Dive more.

7. Exercise more. Cardiovasular exercise is the key, but even some strength training will help.

8. Dive more.

9. Find that sweet spot in your breathing. Don't take shorter breaths or longer breaths. Take breaths that get the job done.

10. Dive more.

11. Big peopole breath more than little people, and there is nothing you can do about it. For example, I am 6'9" 230 and my fiancee is 5'2" 105. She just needs less air. If this is the case, look into getting a bigger tank.

12. Dive more.

13. Streamline your gear. You want the least amount of resistance in the water.

14. Dive more.

15. Move slowly and with a purpose underwater. It is not a race. Don't use your hands. Use an effective kick.

16. Dive more.

04-17-2016, 15:45
Very good suggestions, might I add #13 dive more and go places when you dive!

04-17-2016, 20:20
#14 Once you learn the basics it's a good idea to advance your knowledge in dive theory and advanced skills. It doesn't mean you have to do tech diving but the classes give you a better understanding and increases your skill level.

Doug B
10-09-2017, 21:36
Once you complete Open Water, get a few dives in, take at least one more class or get at least one more certification. I recommend Advanced Open a Water or Nitrox. Getting the other certifications will expand your knowledge and reinforce what you learned in Open Water. The extra training will help you to be more comfortable, and help keep you safe.

Watch other, more experienced divers. Learn from and try to emulate the good techniques you see...and avoid and learn from the mistakes you see other divers make.

Learn to a Frog kick. Especially in a silty quarry. Stay at least four feet off the bottom... Don't kick up,the silt.