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02-14-2016, 00:15

Do you interested to diving with us at Koh Chang ? Follow usÖ.Letís see 7 dive site, Koh Yuak, HinSaam Sao, Hin Rap, Hin Luk Bath, Hin Raap South, Blue Berry Hill and HTMS Chang wreck 712
VDO...Let's diving with Dolphin Divers => https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TWloEC857Qc

Time by our speedboat: 28 mins
HTMS Chang wreck 712
Depth: 33 m
HTMS CHANG formerly the US Lincoln was sunk on the 22/11/12 around 5 km off the fisherman village of Bangbao on Koh Chang. For the travelers who are interested in wreck, itís a dream. Scuba diving there is extremely exciting for the divers as this ship is over 100 meters long and itís the biggest wreck in Thailand.
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