View Full Version : Shivering With Anticipation

02-29-2016, 15:34
Many divers are starting to wish for warmer temperatures to finally get here so they can pursue their love of Scuba. Many others, however --they love to dive year-round, in conditions some charitably call 'chilly'.

There are some who would call them nuts. Still more just call them diehards.

They are the enthusiasts who have trained and avidly look for adventure in the cold-water arena of ice diving (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ice_diving).

Whatever your thoughts, learn more about ice diving at

ICE DIVING? THE PROS AND CONS (http://blog.scubatoys.com/ice-diving-the-pros-and-cons/)

02-29-2016, 18:37
If given the chance I would love to do some ice diving. The coldest I have dove in is 36 degrees at Beaver Lake in AR. On Feb. 20th I dove CSSP, and had 20-25 ft. of visibility, and a temp of 51 degrees. It was a very overcast and cloudy day with some light rain. We were the only 3 divers there and was very surprised. Temps back here in our area are in the low to mid 40's, and vis at Tenkiller is 1-2 inches, vis a Beaver is around 15 ft. Divers need to get out and take advantage of the great vis in your area.

02-29-2016, 22:00
What can I say? Some people are Warm Water divers, some aren't!