View Full Version : How to prepare tofu!!!!!

03-23-2016, 18:15
:smiley20: How to properly prepare Tofu;
1) Throw tofu in trash!

2) Fry up some Bacon

And now you have done Tofu correctly.

03-23-2016, 20:30
You show wisdom, oh great griller of meats!

For a moment I was wondering "Who did this to mcr0112 and what fiendish and heinous things did they do?" Heck, I was about to head your way to look for pods in your basement or barn.

03-23-2016, 21:38
No pods here, just fake missles & zuni rocket with a scud missile mock up to deter those pesky wing wipers from overflying my farm. Good to hear from a fellow member of Uncle Sam's Canoe Club.