View Full Version : The perfect condiment??

04-10-2016, 17:53
Just wondering what ya'll think is the perfect condiment to go with your food. I really like Original Louisiansa hot sauce. I even add it to my PB&J sandwhichs. Kinda spices life up.
What's Yours?:smiley13:

04-10-2016, 21:00
Heinze Picallili

04-10-2016, 21:08
I prefer Cholula Hot Sauce. I eat it on a lot of my foods but not pb&j.

04-10-2016, 21:29
While I'm totally a fan of Louisiana Hot sauce (we call it Red Dot") I'm also a big fan of Sirracha

04-12-2016, 14:57
Then there is hot Chow Chow or hot relish if Louisiana hot sauce isnt right like a salad. And if these two don't seem right there is always mustard in any form. Used to eat Spam from can with yellow mustard, better than the "LERPS" we got. early dehydrated field rats that looked like oatmeal. no matter what they were, spagetti, roast beef, chili mac, you name it; looked like oatmeal.

04-12-2016, 16:14
There's a place in Houston called "Alberto's" and they have some of the best Jalapeno Relish on the planet!

04-13-2016, 08:52
Chipotle powder (brown better than red), Tobasco, Tobasco Chipotle, Sriracha - in that order - all for red (tomato) stuff. Kadoya Hot Sesame Oil (doesn't taste like chilli oil - a real sesame hot oil) and Tsang Szechuan Spicy for brown stuff (gravy, non-red soup, etc.). Thompsons Squash Peppers (heirloom, have to grow your own) for a pizza, burger, hotdog, grilled cheese topping - about as hot a jalapenos but with a different fuller flavor.

05-08-2016, 23:20
This is a personal choice... I really don't like the sensation of having my face burned off by food.
So my favorite condiment is ranch dressing.
feel free to make fun of me...
My Mom loved hot foods. She always said " I know the food is good when my eyebrows sweat".

05-09-2016, 16:43
That's why GOD made different foods. There's lots of food I don't like but others do. same with condiments. I don't like really hot just a little heat is enough. My brother thinks nuclear meltdown is about right.

06-24-2016, 22:51
I'm voting olive salad (muffaletta mix). It may have originated in NY but it was made famous in NOLA. I'll put it on just about any cold sandwich.

10-19-2016, 17:54
Went to an Indian-Pakistani grocery store today & got me some good Orange marmalade which I tend to put on oriental foods & chicken or ribs as a condiment.