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09-24-2016, 03:59
I am sitting in the airport in Bali atm on a three hour layover. I just finished an 8 day live aboard in Komodo. It was a pretty amazing 8 days. We did the north and south of Komodo. The reefs and animals were unreal; the amount of color in the reef, it just blew me away. I had never done a live aboard before but I will do one again.

The flight over was not half bad. I flew premium economy on Singapore Airlines and was very impressed. All these years the fear of the long flight kept me away from Asia; that's over now.

I am on my way to Raja Ampat for a 12 day live aboard. I will post a full review of the company I used and the prices. A little teaser, Komodo was $1700 for 8 days and Raja was $2700 for 12 days.

I am posting a few pics. They are local so I can't embed them. Of course even if they weren't I have trouble doing that :smiley5:13033130311303213034

09-25-2016, 18:51
Cool! Give us all the details when you're home... I want to go, why didn't you ask????

09-26-2016, 09:17

Please post the operator details when you get back.

10-05-2016, 22:31
Just got finished with the Raja Ampat live aboard. I am in Sorong waiting on my flight back to Bali. It has just been mind blowing. It feels like your diving untouched reef at times. Posting a few pics. These are unedited so there are some hot spots.Having trouble with ST's website will try to post pics later

10-06-2016, 10:45
Okay we'll wait. Glad to know it was a good trip.

10-11-2016, 21:17
Looks like I got some pics to load but for some reason a couple got in that should not have and I can't get them back out. So you are treated to a vacation shot or two.

The pygmy seahorses were a struggle. The little buggers won't hold still. The yellow one is the smaller of the two. About the length of a thumbnail and half its width.

The bait ball of sardines we really a sight. I have never seen a bait ball before. You could not tell where one fish ended and the other began. I guess that is the idea isn't it?

I came up to Tulamben to dive the Liberty but she turned out to be lackluster so I am heading back to Kuta for some beach time.

I'l post a full report when I get back including dive op info

10-12-2016, 08:27
There was a free bunk on both of my trips Navy plenty of room.

SEMO Scuba
10-12-2016, 17:47
Nice pictures!

Zeagle Eagle
10-14-2016, 20:54
Great pixs.

Doug B
10-18-2016, 23:13
Wow. Just wow. Extremely impressive photos. I'm very jealous.