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11-19-2016, 08:28
Where has this year gone. My countdown is down to 14 days and I'm off to "my Mecca" - Bonaire! I can't believe it is almost here....Yea. Well, actually Oh My....I haven't even thought about packing yet. I usually would have all the gear checked out and packed (only to check it again and repack several more times). The wife has actually been better at getting prepared - ordering a new camera, new mask, new wetsuit. I better get on the ball.

We are staying this time back at the Den Lamon overlooking Bari Reef. I can't wait, now that I think about it. Months ago when we booked this I was hoping to do two weeks, but none of my travel buddies could do it; so, only one week. I was also planning a trip to the Oriskany in April or March (2017), but the wife stepped in and booked a trip to St. Martin in August (one place we have never been) and then back to Bonaire in December 2017....dang her.

Anyway, glad to be heading back to Bonaire. It's been a couple years. We didn't do any blue water trips last year because of our Europe Trip for our 25 year anniversary. Can't wait jump into the salt water and float down the reef!!!!!!!!!

11-19-2016, 17:19
My countdown is 6 days and I will be staying for two weeks. I've been mostly packed for a bit over a week. I plan on doing my final packing Mon through Wed. Relax Thanksgiving. Then Friiday I drive to Newark, stay overnight, fly out 9am Saturday and I'll be on Bonaire by 2:30pm their time. Once I get my truck I'll check in with Dive Friends Bonaire, get my STINAPA tag and the new Bonaire dive site book. Then shopping and probably a long snorkel. I'll do my checkout dive early the next morning and off I'll go. I plan on doing some boat dives up north and a UV night dive in addition to shore diving my butt off. Also going to rent a scooter for a week to putt around on.

I'm doing something a bit different this time. I got a soft backpack and harness and I'll be using a high end snorkel vest underneath for buoyancy. It's a ton lighter than my BC and a lot more streamlined so less drag. I should be able to drop from 12 pounds of lead to 4-6 pounds as well. Hopefully less effort will translate into longer bottom times. It's certainly much easier to pack.

11-20-2016, 07:28
I think we've done this a couple times, we fly in and you are flying out. We will be there on 12/3 (sounds like the day you leave)

We thought hard about changing our gear setup as well. We don't need these huge BC's that we dive cold water with in Bonaire. Thought hard about going to a smaller setup, but time got away from us. Let us know how the new setup works out for you.

11-20-2016, 07:58
Actually, I'm not flying out till the 10th - I always stay 2 weeks. I get an inexpensive apartment witha full kitchen so I can cook for myself. That makes things a lot cheaper than going to a resort and paying a single suppliment and having to eat out.

I'll let you know how my new rig works once I get comfortable with it. I think I'm going to take an empty tank into about 5 feet to get weighting down before switching to a full tank and actually doing a checkout dive. DFB at Yellow Sub is pretty good about letting you do things the way that works for you.

Maybe I'll see you down there.

11-20-2016, 21:00
We should try and hook up. I'm sure I'll be on the forum and maybe we can try and meet up somewhere some time. Will you have access to this forum? I won't have a phone with me.

11-21-2016, 07:55
Yep - no phone but I always bring my netbook so I can skype & email and check the forums. There are also 2 people from ScubaBoard going to be there the same time as me but the week before you get there. I'll keep my eye on the forum and maybe we can get together.