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09-30-2007, 11:37
Hi there,
Is there any difference or special skills you have to do to dive a full face mask? I would imagine that clearing is the same, but it would probably be harder to break the seal. I do think that it would make you have to concentrate though since you are not only clearing your mask, but effectively pulling your reg away as well.

One other question when you are out of air or do an out of air drill you should probably have a spare mask right?

06-07-2009, 20:08
If you want to do OOA drills, you just have to pull your mask away from your face. The spider harness, will require that you pull it back over your head until the straps give and slide off of your head.

I do search and recovery. So I use the FFM, but I also have, as a good techie would, a spare reg right by my mouth. I can also carry a standard mask in a side pocket in case I have a valid failure of the mask.

It takes a little more effort to don the mask and clear it. My own technique is to place the mask back on, with the straps pulled over onto the front. Put my chin in the bottom, and as I place it on my face, I press the front of the reg so it free flows. That pushes the water out pretty quickly. There is lots more water in there than the typical mask holds that's for sure. Once you do it, you'll understand how it goes and what to expect.

Once the mask it in place, and filled with air, then I grab the straps, a five point harness, and pull it over my head, then adjust for comfort.

Dive safe and good luck,

06-29-2009, 16:58
I find it easier to keep your back up reg around your neck. if you your fullface mask fills put your pony reg in then loosen the straps on the ffm, pull the spider straps over your head take a breathe out of your reg then spit it out put the ffm on hold with one hand tighten the two middle straps then push the purge, exhale and your mask should be clear then tighten the rest of the straps. when you hit the purge on the ffm if your not holding it tight you will kick back off your face and water will get back in it... that just how i was taught. im sure there are plenty of other ways out there to do it.... good luck ffm is a different diving experience...

07-01-2009, 22:03
I do SAR and I use an AGA plus I also own a Ocean Reef Neptune 2. I clear my mask a little different because of the coms. donning like a gas mask to me is alitttle harder because the com gets inthe way. I loosen my straps don my mask mask by putting i tover my head chin in tight, tighten my 2 straps at my temp then by my jaw, and at last my head. I had to be certified by PADI. a specialty diver cert. enjoy be safe.

07-06-2009, 09:09
im in the process of doing my specailty now

07-06-2009, 21:19
let me know what you think..I dive a AGA fro my SAR and I also own my own Ocean Reef Neptune 2. What did you think of the training. i did my ffm training in a pool for two dives fro basic skills and the did 2 open water dive in ariver in Va in April water temp was 54. my instructor used voice com to talk to us and water skills to do. we entered the water wearing wet suits he was in dry(was not certified yet) and ffm he made us do removal drills it was ok cold but ok until the water hit your face and then POW it was cold

10-06-2009, 21:21
I dive an AGA at work and love it, but there are some different techniques to clearing it than a regular mask. Practice with whichever one you decide on, in a controlled environment like a pool until it becomes second nature. If you wear a hood you may need to cut it some more around the face so the seal is in contact with skin not hood.

06-07-2010, 18:19
what is a "good" price for a ffm and coms? From the few sites that I have priced them at over $1200+ for the set.

06-07-2010, 18:32
Great replies guys! Thanks.

I readily admit it is all new to me.

06-07-2010, 18:34
Yeah I would say 1200 is about fare. I paid 1132 with discounts from ST on a guarian with buddy phone