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09-30-2007, 18:45
Having a brother (wxboy) in the meteorology field can be a good thing (sometimes) when you are trying to squeeze in one more dive for the season in the cool Northeast. We left early trying to get a one-tank dive in as what may be the last of the year and road up to the lake. We drove to the usual campsite which we knew was closed, but wanted to check to see if we could get in. No dice, gates were down and locked up, so we made our way down to the boat launch at Million Dollar Beach. We try to avoid the boaters as best as possible, but when it might be the last dive of the year, we go where we can; and the boat traffic was very light since it was a cool day out.

We unpacked and started to hook up the equipment when I realized that one of my teenagers swiped my size 11 left boot for one of their size 13 right boot. So, here I am with two right boots, one mine and the other theirs. (Mental note to kill them when I get home) I figured I would wear it and tighten my fin strap as best that I could and see how it goes. Some nice boaters came over and wondered if we were out of our mind going diving on a fall day where the outside temperature was only about 55 degrees. I went over and felt the water….brrrrr…thank you for the two piece wetsuit.

All gear on we figure we would go toward the northeast part of the lake so that we were out of the boating lane as much as possible and started into the water and finished putting our fins and mask on in the water. (Man I hate flooding the wetsuit in this cold weather) I made sure my bad boot and fin were on enough and got underway. Not much to see in this part of the lake, a lot of sand, couple fish, some bottles and other miscellaneous garbage that we tried to bring out with us. Max depth that we hit was about 30 feet which was fine since the temp gauge was reading about 62 degrees. Now, I know below the thermocline the temp was in the 50’s a couple weeks ago, so I was happy not to go below 40 feet. Visibility was probably 15 to 20 feet at the most and the nice sunlight helped a lot.

We made it back with about 800 left in the tanks and started to pack up. Wetsuit is nice while it’s on, but man, you take that off and you are standing there wet and you get pretty cold pretty quick. So, we ran to the bathrooms that were still open and changed into some dry clothes and then went back out and finished packing up the gear. There were a couple more people walking by at this time and asking how the water was, they all think that they are funny.

All was well and hopefully not the last dive of the season, but if it was, was a great way to end the season.

Scooter McFly

10-01-2007, 07:15
It was a great way to end the season-I was kind of glad the water was warmer than the air when we started...I thought the look on the faces of that first group of boaters at the launch was the best. I was glad to end the season on a high not...unless its a warm October and we can squeeze in one more?

02-18-2008, 21:09
So when is Lake George actually a decent diving temperature? Is it ever possible to go with less than a 7mm wetsuit.

02-25-2008, 20:27
It seems like we dove toward the end of last July on a 90 degree day and we all wore heavy suits...Stupid spring fed lakes! Once we hit 35-40 the thermocline made us glad we had the suits, gloves and beanies/hoods.