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09-30-2007, 22:49
So I'm trying to figure out what my next scuba related purchase is going to be. I love my Riptide Zone BC so that's not going anywhere, but these inflator/second stage combinations have had my interest for a while now.

So my question: Lets say for example, I was going to get the "Zeagle Octo Z Combination Regulator/Inflator". Would that fit my Zone, even though it's not a Zeagle product?

If so, would the Octo Z Combo there come with it's own hose, or would I have to use the one that came with the Zone? And is installation so difficult I'd have to pay Larry to do it, or is this something simple enough that I could do it?

And now that all those boring questions are out of the way, what are people's opinions of these inflator/octo combinations? Useful and worth the money or just another useless bell and whistle? What are some of your experiences with these?

ScubaToys Larry
09-30-2007, 22:55
Pretty darn easy to do - if you've mastered the putting on a tie wrap maneuver... Years of study on that one. And yes it will fit... and we would not charge you anyway if you bought it from us, and now to the last part...

Yes, I like octo inflators. I like one less hose, and in an emergency, it's easier to find the octo inflator, than a standard octo in my opinion. Also... for me, I'd say it's a moot point. I have 1000's of dives - and never had an out of air situation as I always make sure everyone around me has air. If you know your dive buddies consumptions and check them, and make them check themselves... you will probably never need an octo - no matter how you configure it. So I like the compact less hose idea.

10-01-2007, 08:34
I don't agree that you will probably never need an octo, on our recent liveaboard trip, we had two incidences that required the use of an octo (my husband's then mine), and both had to do with gear malfunctions not poor gas management.

But I agree that as long as you have one and know how to use it, it doesn't matter if it's on the inflator or a regular hose.

10-01-2007, 13:39

I've got the exact setup you're thinking about (Orange Zone BC with Zeagle Octo/Inflator) and I'm very happy with it. Only had to use the octo during training class and had no problems with it's position. The contrasting color of the inflator/deflator buttons is a big plus, I have the black unit with yellow buttons.

10-22-2007, 07:12
Hmm, Zena what did you do to your gear to cause a double failure?

While only a limited diver compared to most of you zealots I have never seen a 1st or second stage fail while under the water let alone your advice of two going in one trip.

The only time Ive ever seen a occy used was when a mate of mine ran out of juice near the end of a dive. I have had hoses bubble but I always found them prior to entry so Im assuming you had a 1st or 2nd stage problem? What make is your gear btw?

Bummer Zena..... Guess Ill call you 'lucky' from now on mate. Interested to hear the story.


10-23-2007, 10:32
I use an Oceanic BC with a ScubaPro air 2. I have been very pleased. One less hose to deal. With my setup used same hose took LDS about 12 minutes to attach and we were done. That coupled with a Oceanic VT3 hoseless computer has cut setup time to nothing.